Quantum Resistance Corporation to Secure and Support Grantees to Build Layer 2 Post-Quantum Secure Applications Within the QRL Ecosystem

The Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) is investing significantly in applications and resources that can withstand the imminent threat of quantum computing advancements. Today, the QRL announced a grant to the Quantum Resistance Corporation (QRC) to provide a community security program for other QRL grantees, which are using the distributed network and post-quantum secure blockchain technology to securely build Layer2 applications and protocols.
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Matrixport Successfully Integrates NEAR Protocol & NEP-141 Token with its Cactus Custody Institutional Offering

Matrixport, one of the world's largest and trusted digital assets financial services ecosystems, today announced that its institutional qualified custodian service, Cactus Custody, has integrated with NEAR Protocol, a rapidly growing Layer 1 blockchain ecosystem. The partnership enables seamless support of the NEAR Protocol across all Matrixport services on Cactus Custody.
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Alchemy Pay Partners with DWF Labs to Secure $10 Million Funding at a Valuation of $400 Million

In order to facilitate its expansion into the Korean market, Alchemy Pay has announced a strategic partnership with DWF Labs, the prominent multi-stage web3 investment firm. As part of this partnership, Alchemy Pay has secured $10 million in funding from DWF Labs, which will be utilized to expand its payment business in Korea, capitalize on the region's high level of cryptocurrency acceptance, and assist Korean enterprises in achieving greater internationalization.
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CoreDAO: A Revolutionary Solution Tackling the Blockchain Trilemma

Core is a novel layer one blockchain that is pushing the boundaries within the crypto space. Inspired by Bitcoin and Ethereum, Core progresses beyond those blockchain behemoths by synthesizing each of their superpowers. A student of blockchain history, philosophy, and innovation, Core optimally balances decentralization, security, and scalability.
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Coniun tokenizes the NFT ecosystem and announces its first IDO

Coniun a leading Web3 company, has announced the tokenization of its NFT ecosystem to promote sustainability and scalability. The project, which includes a suite of B2B and B2C utilities for the NFT market, has been providing services such as the Coniun Pass NFT collection, NFT analytics tool (Coniun.io), whitelist distribution platform for projects, wl allocation pool from upcoming projects (C-BOX), and more.
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Revolutionizing Ethereum scaling: QuickNode and Polygon zkEVM join forces

QuickNode, the leading end-to-end blockchain development platform, announces the expansion of its ecosystem with the launch of its collaboration with Polygon zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) on its platform. QuickNode’s mission is to support and service the developer community by providing the best tools and the most reliable blockchain development platform.
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