DeltaPrime Unveils $PRIME Token: Pioneering a New Standard in DeFi Governance and Utility

DeltaPrime, a decentralized borrowing and investing platform, is thrilled to announce their Token Generation Event (TGE) on Uniswap and Trader Joe. The TGE marks another innovation in crypto with the launch of the $PRIME and $sPRIME tokens on July 1st, 2024. Born in the bear market and operating on the Arbitrum and Avalanche networks, DeltaPrime’s inventive tokenomics design focuses on stable growth of its liquidity...

Meet ZChains: Innovating at the Web3 Frontier

ZChains is a state-of-the-art Layer 1 blockchain, boasting a modular, EVM-compatible structure powered by a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. What sets ZChains apart? It’s all in the PoS brilliance, which boosts security, scalability, and decentralisation by choosing validators based on their stake. It reduces risks, supports high transaction volumes, and ensures fast, reliable performance.

Cardano DeFi Hub - Public Sale is Live has been making significant strides lately, with the successful launch of our second product on the mainnet. Now, we offer both a DEX and P2P-Lending services on a single platform. The team has also introduced a Profit-Sharing module, which will go live shortly after the public sale wraps up. Currently, it’s undergoing an audit, and once finalized, the full potential of the CERRA token will be unleashed.

ONI DEX: The game-changing multichain DEX launches token and Spheres presale

The decentralized finance (DeFi) space is buzzing with excitement as ONI DEX, the most innovative multi-chain decentralized exchange, announces the highly anticipated presale of its native token, ONI, and the groundbreaking Spheres offering. With its unparalleled features and multi-chain support, ONI DEX is set to become the biggest and most comprehensive DEX in the DeFi landscape, and savvy investors...

Homeety: Creating, tokenizing, and distributing digital assets that will shape the future

As the world of digital innovation continues to change, Homeety stands out as a pathfinder, paving the road for the next billion users to adopt Web3 globally. The company's objective is to use its state-of-the-art onchain platform to empower people all around the world and democratize access to blockchain technology. RWA issuers are empowered by the Homeety platform to tokenize the globe and add the next billion people...

Bullish performance sets new ATH for Pop Social's AI SocialFi multi-chain token PPT

The Popular Multi-Chain AI SocialFi Project, Pop Social, Celebrates Bullish Rally for $PPT Setting New ATH of $0.51 on Bybit in Under 24 Hours. The rapid growth of the Web3 SocialFi sector bursts through as Pop Social, the leading multi chain AI SocialFi project, emerged triumphant when its native token, $PPT, surged to unprecedented heights, setting a new all-time high (ATH) of $0.51 in under 24 hours.