iXBROKER Expands into Asian, MENA, and South American Markets with New Features and Enhanced Security

In exciting news, iXBroker, one of the leading forex and crypto brokers, has announced its entry into the Asian, MENA (Middle East and North Africa), and South American markets. This global expansion is accompanied by the launch of version 2 of the advanced iXBroker platform, which includes new features and enhanced security measures. With this development, iXBroker continues its commitment to providing...

GPGPU addresses NVIDIA's supply shortage issue

The rapid advancements in AI modeling and machine learning have led to an explosive increase in the demand for GPU resources. The growth of the AI market has resulted in a surge in demand, now exceeding three times the current global GPU supply capacity of cloud services. In response, the CEO of OpenAI has requested a $7 trillion investment for in-house semiconductor production.

ApeBond Announces Expansion to Base: Launching Bonds On-Chain

ApeBond is thrilled to announce the significant expansion of its DeFi Bonds platform to the Base blockchain. This integration marks the eighth Bonds blockchain expansion since the team began their Bonds journey, representing a crucial milestone in their mission to amplify their reach and provide sustainable, innovative DeFi solutions globally.