My Crypto on ICONFi: Check exchange wallets at once

My Crypto service has launched on ICONFi, the hybrid Crypto savings and staking platform providing the highest compound yield rates on crypto savings. My Crypto allows users to add the API from crypto exchanges like Binance and Coinbase, supporting the users to check their balances at once. Easy and convenient. A crypto user would need to use different crypto exchanges simply because exchanges have listed different kinds of coins and tokens. There’s a good chance many crypto Hodlers and traders would be struggling to check the balances of the exchanges they are using.
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Klein Finance Announced the Completion of a Funding Round With Participation From KCC Chain and KuCoin-Ventures

Klein Finance, a stablecoin liquidity provider and exchange platform built on KCC (Kucoin Community Chain), announced the opening of its funding program. It has already received a multi-million dollars investment from KuCoin Ventures and KCC chain. Klein Finance is an efficient decentralized trading platform for digital assets built on KCC (Kucoin Community Chain), which aims to enable digital assets to be traded and staked for rewards in a secure and stable on-chain environment with low slippage, good depth, and low fees.
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TRON DAO and Other Blockchain Leaders Jointly Roll out USDD

On May 5, Justin Sun, Founder of TRON, announced on Twitter that the TRON DAO Reserve rolled out a decentralized stablecoin named USDD, which has so far been listed on Sunswap,, Curve, Uniswap, Ellipsis, Pancakeswap, Kyberswap, etc., with an initial total supply of one hundred million. Through the cross-chain protocol BTTC, both of the circulating supply on Ethereum and BSC are near twenty million.
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Classics Reimagined: What Inspired DecentWorld to Create Collections

ZUG, Switzerland – May 5, 2022. With the new age of digital worlds powered by constant technological innovation, legendary games are becoming an inspiration for next-level real estate markets in the metaverse. New Swiss project DecentWorld created a virtual real estate metaverse in which users can buy and collect digital copies of any street in the real world as NFTs. The platform bridges the physical world and the blockchain-enabled digital realm.
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Zero Fees Trading Announced by BlockQuake Crypto Exchange

BlockQuake, a fintech company and global cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in New York City, today announced its Zero Fees Crypto Trading promotional offer. This offer is part of the lifetime membership available for the first million purchasers of the Exchange's native token, QuakeCoin (Ticker: QUAKE), which is now available for purchase at This announcement makes BlockQuake the first US FinCEN (US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) registered fintech company to offer lifetime zero-fee membership accounts to crypto traders and investors.
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Faith Tribe Offers Its Own Native Token $FTRB to Buy Physical Fashion Wear Through Digital Mediums

Optimizing the power of Web3 technology, Faith Tribe takes over the metaverse, highlighting digital fashion. The closer we look around ourselves, the more we notice how the swift rise of various industries today has been possible with the accurate use of digital mediums in their daily workings. It is time people accept and embrace the numerous features, tools, and services of the digital space to take their brands and businesses to the next level of success, advise experts. The fashion niche among them has seen some surprising growth statistics, which can now be attributed to the advanced use of the digital financial space, including crypto, NFTs, Web3, and the like, leading to Web3 fashion and coming together of luxury fashion brands with incredible NFT drops. Faith Tribe, as part of global Paris-based fashion brand Faith Connexion, is developing a cutting-edge digital platform for the creation of fashion items.
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Iconic Mexican Artist Valfre Highlights The Power of Her Community With The Launch Of VALFRÉLANDIA

Multidisciplinary artist known for her frenzied followers enters web3 with a PFP collection emphasizing the capabilities of art and providing tangible value for her fans. The web3 space is rapidly expanding, but true growth comes from high-caliber work and diversity among participants. That is exactly what Ilse Valfré and her company Valfré are primed to do, as they take a confident leap into their newest world Valfrélandia with her legion of over 1 million followers.
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Numbers Protocol (NUM) has listed on Houbi, trading will begin on April 29th, 2022

Taipei, Taiwan – Huobi Global, a digital asset trading platform, listed Numbers Protocol (NUM) token on April 27th, 2022. For all users of Huobi Global exchange, the NUM/USDT trading pair will become officially available for trading at 10:00 (UTC) on April 29th, 2022. The vision of Numbers Protocol is to provide solutions for the misinformation problem on the internet. Numbers create the first and the only integrity protocol to trace the history of Web 3.0 assets. Currently, the two main products are Capture App and NFT Search Engine. As a decentralized photo network, Numbers Protocol (NUM) is here to create community, value, and trust in digital media. NUM token deposits open on Huobi Global Exchange as of 07:00 (UTC) on April 27th, 2022, and trading will begin at 10:00 (UTC) on April 29th, 2022.
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RFOX VALT Metaverse Launches MVP

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: RFOX, the fast-growing metaverse company building the future of the Internet, launched the RFOX VALT metaverse’s minimum viable product (MVP) today to selected participants. And as a testament to RFOX’s vision of an open-blockchain metaverse, we are proud to announce that RFOX VALT is integrating multiple blockchains within the VR metaverse, starting with its support of transactions on the WAX blockchain.
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