Multichain is one year old

Multichain has been a multi-chain industry pioneer and has devoted itself to delivering industry-leading cross-chain services to users since its inception. Anyswap started as a DEX protocol in July 2020. As cross-chain interoperability technologies improved, we realized that Anyswap could deliver more to its community by addressing the growing demand for protocols specializing in cross-chain interaction.
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Valour Crypto products now available at independent research provider MoneyMoon

Valour Inc., a technology company and the first and only publicly traded company that bridges the gap between traditional capital markets, Web3 and decentralized finance, announced today that the independent comparison platform MoneyMoon listed Valour's product since last week. MoneyMoon is one of the major European exchange traded product comparison platforms with over 75.000 active monthly users.
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Globe Invest Hub Now Supports Deposits with Selected Cryptos

Quick deposits and withdrawals of funds is critical these days in the online brokerage industry, as it allows traders to conduct their financial activities without unnecessary delays or complications. Various funding options can further enhance the trading experience, granting more convenience in moving money in and out of accounts.
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CoolWallet App Launches Web3 Hot Wallet To Help Novice Crypto Users Self-Custody Safely

Blockchain security firm CoolBitX, maker of the award-winning CoolWallet hardware wallet, has launched CoolWallet HOT: a new software wallet module in its CoolWallet App that will enable all crypto users to self-custody their crypto assets with confidence. The new CoolWallet HOT integration provides the CoolWallet App with a versatile platform to onboard powerful Web3 features faster and helps bolster the industry-wide movement of crypto self-custody among novice mainstream users who don't use cold storage yet.
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Decentralized Farming Fund Sturdy Expanding to ETH Market

Sturdy Finance, the first positive-sum decentralized farming fund, has announced the release of Sturdy 1.0 on December 20th, 2022. With the addition of an ETH market and a brand new UI, the update reflects the team's efforts to support the best yield farmers. Sturdy specializes in stablecoin lending, allowing users to consistently lever up their yields 10x when using LP tokens as collateral.
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Connect Financial Announces Crypto-Backed Credit Cards

Connect Financial - a cryptocurrency financial Fintech platform, announces their crypto-backed credit cards are coming to the market. With more than 320 million people using cryptocurrency globally and an expected global adoption growth rate of 10% by 2030 for Bitcoin (BTC) alone, there is no denying that cryptocurrency is quickly moving towards mainstream acceptance.
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ParaSpace Launches The First Cross-Margin Lending Protocol for NFT and Fungible Tokens

ParaSpace launched a first-of-its-kind cross-margin lending platform today. With the recent rise in NFT lending and borrowing, users have seen an increased liquidation downtrend spiral, ParaSpace serves as a solution for users in the space. ParaSpace is founded by Yubo Ruan and backed by Sequoia Capital, CoinBase Ventures, Founders Fund and others. The platform leverages a cross-margin framework that enables a peer-to-pool lending system that enhances liquidity and capital efficiency.
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