Sleep Future Launches World’s First Sleep Wellness Sleep-To-Earn Ecosystem Build On Blockchain

13 March 2022 – SINGAPORE – Singapore based company Sleep Future announces the launching of the world’s first Sleep-To-Earn mechanism built on blockchain. Sleep Future is the world’s first blockchain-based sleep wellness ecosystem, with the goal of improving the global community’s sleep quality and health. With the dual goal of advancing sleep technology R&D and providing a real-world benefit in the Sleep Future ecosystem, Sleep Future is offering the world’s first Sleep-To-Earn mechanism to reward the global community for sleeping and earning $SLEEPEE tokens.
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How to mine TRON to make money?

As we can see, the TRON network uses a Delegated Participation Proof-of-Participation consensus mechanism and its TRX tokens are fully mined, i.e. they already exist. So I have to tell you that TRON token (TRX) cannot be mined in the traditional sense of the term. Instead, new coins are generated and verified through a staking process that does not require the use of high-performance equipment such as ASICs as in Bitcoin mining.
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Cryptowisser - Sustainability Report of top 100 crypto coins released, Algorand leads the way, and Bitcoin brings up the rear

Cryptowisser releases their Crypto Carbon Footprint list ranking the top 100 Crypto coins by their Carbon Footprint. The list details how each coin affects the environment based on their energy consumption per transaction. Using a color scheme you can see where each coin falls on the list. Around 40% of Cryptocurrencies are deemed having a very low carbon footprint, with the report likening their transactional energy consumption to a single VISA transaction.
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The Next Big Thing In NFT: The DeFi Infrastructure For Utility NFTs

2021 was a ‘Year of Renaissance’ for NFTs. From the mainstream perspective of the market, after the crypto cat project boomed in 2018, NFTs finally in 2021 ushered in a concentrated outbreak where many flourished. On the one hand, Opensea has taken the lead in NFTs trading, forming a blue-chip phalanx of NFTs led by CryptoPunk, BAYC, Coolcat and other projects. On the other hand, GameFi projects represented by Axie Infinity combines NFTs with DeFi, successfully bringing the brand-new economic model of Play to Earn to the mainstream market. In the great bull market, NFTs succeeded in overtaking the curve to attract main market funds, and it has become an important asset class in the blockchain world. Since 2022, the NFTs market has inevitably been affected by the macro market condition. After the frenzy, market participants began to rethink the fundamentals of the NFTs track: What will be the future of NFTs? What will be the next NFTs hotspot?
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A new ethics of communication: the EGO token is changing the game

Paysenger is a universal solution for paid communication. The service helps you to communicate directly with experts, celebrities and owners of unique knowledge. Paysenger allows opinion leaders to monetize their attention in a new way, while investors are offered to invest in a token named EGO. The EGO token is an internal medium of exchange used by Paysenger. The users will have opportunities to use fiat money and other payment options but we will encourage them to prefer the EGO token. In other words, EGO is a part of the Paysenger ecosystem; it was created not for fun (as many other) but for a special purpose and therefore has high growth potential.
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Growing Investments to Support Blockchain Technology Market Growth, reaching US$ 3.2 Trillion - Fact.MR Report

Fact.MR's latest report on the blockchain technology market offers a 10-year forecast through 2022 & beyond. The report explicates vital dynamics, such as drivers, restraints, and emerging opportunities shaping the market dynamics. To present the information in a more vivid manner, the report has been segmented in terms of product type, by component, by application, by enterprise size, by end-use, and region.
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The BurstIQ LifeGraph® Network to Power the Digital Transformation of the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

The BurstIQ LifeGraph® Network empowers CCH to realize more value from their data so they can achieve their strategic goals and build smart solutions to combat homelessness in Colorado. The Network validates and combines all CCH data into a single source of truth and deploys intelligence for advanced analysis such as predictive analytics. This heightened level of insight will empower CCH to deliver more personalized services to the homeless population they serve.
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The ritestream launchpad for film & TV content to revolutionize the global entertainment content marketplace

allrites, the online marketplace for creative content buyers and sellers, is happy to introduce ritestream to its offering in the entertainment industry. The launch of ritestream marks the beginning of a revolution in content creation, monetization and distribution. It was developed with the core aim of democratizing the creator economy at the heart of the film and television industry.
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Magic Craft Aims to Continue its Domination With New Listings, NFT Marketplace and an Eventful Roadmap

Magic Craft intends to give an innovative turn-based war universe as one of the forthcoming MMORPG games in the blockchain gaming world. Players can earn in-game tokens, acquire awards, and stake them by playing in either the PvE or PvP modes. ‘Castle Sieges’ is the focus of the game. Clans go to the battlefield every week, killing each other, stealing loot, conquering castles, and claiming the title of King. Top global gaming studios are working on the game, and the team hopes to deploy a fully integrated NFT Marketplace by the first quarter of 2022. By the second quarter of 2022, an alpha version of the game with PvE and PvP play-2-earn systems will be available. The spoils of war are awarded in the form of MCRT to the winners.
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World Of Cryptoids launches one of the most innovative play-to-earn NFT games in the blockchain space

WoC offers a new way to earn back players ROI at a sustained rate rather than one that fluctuates based on a number of variables. It is expected that this economy combined with the token distribution schedule will allow investors to be able to predict the average rate of income for their purchase over its lifetime. World of Cryptoids (WOC) has recently launched one of the world’s sustainable play-to-earn (sP2E) games built on blockchain technology. This game was made possible through a combination of blockchain technology and a team with a strong background in both cryptocurrency and mainstream mobile gaming applications.
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