Joltz Launches Wallet and SDK, Making Taproot Assets Accessible to All

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Joltz has launched its new wallet and SDK, notably the world's first non-custodial Bitcoin wallet supporting the cutting-edge Taproot Assets protocol. This marks a significant advancement in the Web3 landscape and builds on the momentum recently sparked by innovations like Ordinals, which have demonstrated considerable market demand for Bitcoin-based applications. Taproot Assets make Bitcoin - and the Lightning Network - a multi-asset network, and Joltz's latest offering is paving the way for a new era of scalable use cases on Bitcoin, including stablecoins, whose $150B market capitalization has largely eluded Bitcoin historically in favor of other blockchains.

In addition, Taproot Assets can also power other types of use cases, including novel types of rewards and user incentives. For example, Joltz enables businesses to reward users with branded loyalty tokens backed by either BTC or stablecoins, all with immense scalability and speed via Lightning. This transformative technology empowers businesses to offer more engaging and valuable reward experiences, leveraging the security and efficiency of the latest innovations built on Bitcoin. 

According to Ian Major, Co-founder of Joltz Rewards: "We're thrilled about the release. The wallet SDK is a culmination of technology that combines best-in-class security and usability while unlocking brand new use cases on Bitcoin that haven't been possible before."

According to the team at Joltz, loyalty and rewards seemed like a necessary place to start when considering what technical solutions could be improved by the Lighting Network. In a world where most loyalty programs lose brands money or barely break even, and most customers experience friction in being unable to spend or transfer points easily, Joltz's founders realized, "Bitcoin fixes this!" Building their solution on Bitcoin negates both of these issues and more. Joltz Wallet is not only the first non-custodial wallet that supports Bitcoin and Taproot Assets, but it is designed to be user-friendly and sets Joltz apart from other solutions. Furthermore, by releasing the Joltz SDK, Joltz provides a robust framework for businesses to seamlessly integrate Bitcoin and Taproot Asset functionality into their existing platforms. This duo of pivotal releases from Joltz has the potential to revolutionize how companies engage with their users.

Unlike traditional loyalty systems and point structures, which often lose value over time, Bitcoin rewards represent a real, tangible asset with the upside, for both brand and consumer, of potential appreciation. This seismic shift in loyalty systems can empower consumers while aligning with the modern expectations of reward programs in a way that rewards all parties involved. 

According to, once again, Co-Founder Ian Major, "Not only are you giving consumers more purchasing power that makes it more likely that the business is going to get that next purchase, but the business is going to benefit from that through new customer acquisition by being an early adopter."

Joltz is changing how businesses and consumers consider their relationship with Bitcoin and the Lighting ecosystem while striving to redefine how businesses reward customer loyalty. By leveraging the Lighting network and making Taproot Assets more accessible through its wallet and SDK infrastructure, Joltz is introducing a new era of use cases built on Bitcoin that prioritizes transparency, security, and consumer value.

About Joltz

Joltz unlocks the Bitcoin economy by building industry-leading Bitcoin, Lightning Network, and Taproot Asset tools and infrastructure. Its focus is user-friendly solutions, making complex infrastructures, like Taproot Assets, more accessible.

About Joltz Wallet

Joltz Wallet makes it easy for end users to engage with new use cases on Bitcoin, including stablecoins, loyalty rewards, and more. As the world's first non-custodial wallet supporting the cutting-edge Taproot Assets protocol, Joltz Wallet provides an accessible way to experience Bitcoin like never before.

About Joltz SDK

The Joltz SDK provides developers with an accessible 'plug-and-play' solution to add support for Taproot Assets to their applications. Developed by Lightning Labs, the Taproot Assets protocol makes Bitcoin and its L2 the Lightning Network, a multi-asset network, allowing for cheaper, faster transactions on BTC.