Matr1x, first-ever mobile shooting game in metaverse a new hope for Web3

Matr1x, the first-ever mobile shooting game in the Web3 industry, has successfully raised $10 million and is about to close a new round of financing. Past investors include Hana Financial Investments, a subsidiary of Hana Financial Group and a key financial holding company in South Korea; HashKey Capital, well respected for its early investments in Ether (ETH); Amber Group, one of the most important market makers in the Web3 industry; and SevenX, an elite Web3 fund investing heavily in the GameFi sector. 
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SKYPlay, the blockchain platform and CoinGrid game goes live beta

SKYPLAY Inc. announced the beta release of its blockchain platform, SKYPlay and eP2E (easy Play to Earn) game, CoinGrid. Under the leadership of the Singapore corporation, SKYPLAY Inc. listed its cryptocurrency, SKP (SKYPlay Token) on MEXC and ProBit Global, the world's leading digital-asset trading platforms. SKYPLAY Inc. will continuously develop and publish a series of eP2E games based on the Ethereum layer 2 blockchain, the Polygon (MATIC) network, and has plans to release two more games within this year in addition to CoinGrid, which was launched together with the SKYPlay platform.
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Win $150,000 USDT with CoinFloww Beta Launch

Digital asset trading has long suffered due to high crypto exchange transaction fees, regulatory hurdles by regulators, and stringent crypto exchange rules. Then came CoinFloww, the most advanced digital asset exchange. Based on the world-class digital asset exchange technology, CoinFloww is proud to launch at a time when crypto exchanges are fighting for rights and struggling with a fraught market.
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ChocoDoge isn’t Just a Game, it’s a Complete Ecosystem with Exciting Opportunities

The last few years have witnessed a tremendous rise in the GameFi space in terms of revenue and user base. We now have several popular titles, but the craze for most of these tends to subside after a while. It’s mainly because these are centered around the game and do not focus on the other aspects of the domain. And this led to the creation of ChocoDoge, an NFT GameFi project on the Dogechain.
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XT.COM Adds FIO Following FIO Protocol Integration

XT.COM, the world's first social-infused crypto exchange, is happy to announce new developments in its growing trading platform—the integration of the FIO Protocol and the listing of its native token FIO. Through this incorporation, FIO users can register using their FIO Crypto Handles and send/receive not just FIO tokens, but the following coins and tokens supported by XT.COM — BTC, ETH, TRX, BNB, MATIC, SOL, DOT, XWC, LTC and EOS. In addition, with the FIO Protocol present, traders can take advantage of linking an easy-to-read address rather than the usual long-string public wallet address. This makes sending and receiving cryptocurrency as easy as sending and receiving an email.
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Decentralised Security Provider Silence Laboratories raises $1.7 Million in Seed Funding

Silence Laboratories, a web3 focused cybersecurity startup, headquartered in Singapore and working on libraries for MPC and Proofs-based Decentralised Security-as-Service (DSaaS), has closed a $1.7 million round in a seed funding, led by Pi Ventures. Their core technology to support developer focused decentralised and high grade security for digital assets with functionalities of key management, distributed signature and authorization is built on top of a unique fusion of multi-party computation (MPC), sensing and intelligent signal processing.
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Here’s How OVER Is Revolutionizing The Fashion Industry Via The TINUS Affiliate Program

The fashion industry has been a cornerstone of every society for the longest time, regardless of personal preferences based on differing aspects like culture, ethnicity, background and location. This sector, along with so many others, should therefore be taking advantage of the vast potential of the different innovative technologies that are emerging nowadays which are also contributing to the seemingly inevitable transition into a Web3 era.
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Metaverse Company RFOX Introduces CitiXens Avatars in RFOX VALT

CitiXens, a collection of 10,000 limited-edition, VR-enabled avatars, enhances the RFOX VALT’s metaverse experience. AUGUST 11, 2022: RFOX, the company that created the RFOX VALT metaverse, today introduced CitiXens, a limited-edition collection of 10,000 VR-enabled 2D and 3D avatars that will form the core of the RFOX VALT’s civilization and governance.
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BORA holding KBW2022 "BORA NEXT" Announcing the establishment of "cross chain" to lead the global web 3.0 market

BORANETWORK (CEO Gyehan Song), a blockchain-based content platform operator, held a conference on 8th for BORA in the Korea Blockchain Week 2022 (hereinafter the "KBW2022"), which is the largest blockchain event in Asia. During this conference, BORANETWORK and KakaoGames presented the business status of BORA and the future direction for the expansion of the ecosystem in partnership with Polygon, an Ethereum scaling platform, to the media under the theme, BORA NEXT: Expanding Across & Beyond.
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