Pawtocol Launches Reservations for Free Blockchain Dog Tags

Pawtocol, the premier Blockchain company dedicated to the pet industry, has launched the Pawtocol Blockchain Dog Tag, their latest technology to improve the life of your pet. The launch consists of a limited release to all users through our reservation system, as well as a partnership with the ProBit Exchange during Pawtocol's IEO beginning on December 27th.
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Realio and YAD Capital Join Forces to Raise a $5 Million Tokenized Fund on Fusion Blockchain

Realio, an end-to-end digital asset issuance platform, today announced it is partnering with YAD Capital, an investment manager in a niche product of the US credit market known as Merchant Cash Advances. Realio will issue a $5 million tokenized fund which will participate in 'YAD Funding Opportunity V LP ' via the Reg D 506 (c) and Reg S exemptions, enabling global participation in a niche investment product normally reserved for a select subset of institutional investors.
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Infosys Launches Blockchain-Powered Distributed Applications for Government Services, Insurance, and Supply Chain Management Domains

Infosys today announced the launch of three comprehensive blockchain-powered distributed applications for government services, insurance, and supply chain management domains. These comprehensive applications designed as ready-to-subscribe business networks ensure quick deployment, interoperability across disparate systems of value chain stakeholders and a wide variety of use cases involving other digital technologies like IoT, Analytics as well.
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SaaS platform FiO finds success at Singapore FinTech Week 2019

Disruptive SaaS business FiO, a blockchain-onboarding platform for conventional businesses, was in full attendance at Singapore's recent FinTech Week, where its senior team met with new potential partners and investors. The company successfully met its agenda objectives that included fundraising, brand-building, networking with attendees and patent registration.
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Blockland Solutions Conference Cuts Through Hype of Today's Biggest Tech Topics, Shares Practical Ways to Stay Relevant and Manage Change

Blockland, a community-wide movement to establish a blockchain and cybersecurity ecosystem in Cleveland and make Northeast Ohio one of the top technology centers in the United States, today announced details for its 2019 Blockland Solutions Conference. The conference, presented by KeyBank and MCPc, will take place at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland from December 9 to 11, 2019. A special 33-percent-off ticket discount is currently being offered until December 2.
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Nucleus Vision Launches Global Identity and Consent (GIDC) Blockchain Network

Nucleus Vision, an IoT & Blockchain technology company serving the retail industry, launches GIDC (Global Identity and Consent) blockchain network for consent-based data access management. The private multi-node blockchain network gives power to users to control who can access their data. Nucleus Vision announces the launch of this network at Genesis DevCon, a blockchain conference held in Bangalore, India, on 24 & 25 November.
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Ready for TON Integration, Minter to Enable Multi-Signature Scheme With First Major Upgrade

Two-and-a-half million blocks since the launch of the main network, Minter Network has announced that it will release a major upgrade to its blockchain once it has passed all checks on the test network and been approved by the validators. According to the announcement, one of the proposed features—multi-signature addresses—will lay the groundwork for integration with Telegram Open Network (TON) and introduction of atomic swaps.
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