Valkyrie Investments announces launch of the Valkyrie Multi-Coin Trust (VMCT)

VMCT is the first multi-protocol investment Trust offered by Valkyrie, and is focused on investing in contemporary blockchain networks and tokens that the firm believes are well-positioned to expand market share based on designated investment considerations including: invests in blockchain networks and tokens that launched post Bitcoin and Ethereum; invests in both Layer 1 and Layer 2 Solutions. Focusing on these coins also enables the Firm to return staking yield to investors, an added benefit when compared against competing products on the market.
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How to mine TRON to make money?

As we can see, the TRON network uses a Delegated Participation Proof-of-Participation consensus mechanism and its TRX tokens are fully mined, i.e. they already exist. So I have to tell you that TRON token (TRX) cannot be mined in the traditional sense of the term. Instead, new coins are generated and verified through a staking process that does not require the use of high-performance equipment such as ASICs as in Bitcoin mining.
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Cryptowisser - Sustainability Report of top 100 crypto coins released, Algorand leads the way, and Bitcoin brings up the rear

Cryptowisser releases their Crypto Carbon Footprint list ranking the top 100 Crypto coins by their Carbon Footprint. The list details how each coin affects the environment based on their energy consumption per transaction. Using a color scheme you can see where each coin falls on the list. Around 40% of Cryptocurrencies are deemed having a very low carbon footprint, with the report likening their transactional energy consumption to a single VISA transaction.
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Growing Investments to Support Blockchain Technology Market Growth, reaching US$ 3.2 Trillion - Fact.MR Report

Fact.MR's latest report on the blockchain technology market offers a 10-year forecast through 2022 & beyond. The report explicates vital dynamics, such as drivers, restraints, and emerging opportunities shaping the market dynamics. To present the information in a more vivid manner, the report has been segmented in terms of product type, by component, by application, by enterprise size, by end-use, and region.
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Nervos Launches Cross-chain Bridge to Binance Smart Chain

Nervos today announced the launch of a new cross-chain bridge with Binance Smart Chain (BSC), growing its multi-chain strategy as the network rapidly expands its booming DeFi ecosystem. Starting today, BSC assets can be moved across to the Nervos ecosystem, and developers and projects building on BSC will be able to use their existing codebases to begin porting their decentralized applications (dApps) to Nervos, enabling them to grow their user reach and brand awareness. Users in the BSC ecosystem will also be able to take advantage of yield farming opportunities available through YokaiSwap, the first decentralized exchange (DEX) to launch on Nervos.
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Reltime ‘RTC’ list its unique PoA Protocol and Decentralized Ecosystem

Oslo, Norway / Reltime’s Proof of Authority Blockchain along with its decentralized banking ecosystem will launch in the 2nd quarter of 2022. Reltime has announced it will be the first blockchain company to bring borderless joint accounts and peer to peer loans to its end-users. Currently, Reltime is listed on Bitmart and CoinTiger. Reltime is also on track to conduct two more IEOs in the near future: one at P2PB2B, and the other at IndoEx, both with the ticker RTC.
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How to select a trusted crypto savings platform

Inflation is running rampant across the globe as central banks continue to print money to fund projects to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the latest data, US inflation recently hit its highest level in 31 years. Europe isn’t doing any better. Euro zone inflation soared to its highest rate on record this month on surging energy costs, likely peaking before a slow decline that will keep it uncomfortably high for much of the next year, data from Eurostat showed on Tuesday.
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StackSwap Raises $1.3 Million in Funding Round to Build DEX on Bitcoin Network

StackSwap, the first complete DEX and Launchpad on the Bitcoin Network has announced the completion of its private round. According to the official press release, the blockchain platform was able to raise $1.3 million during the funding round. The investment round was led by the Stacks Foundation along with key blockchain venture capitalists including HashKey, Genesis Block Ventures (GBV) and SOSV. The early investors share the long-term vision of StackSwap to eventually become the biggest DEX on the Bitcoin Network.
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