zkLink Reveals Public Registration Date for $ZKL Token

$ZKL token realizes high-performance DeFi through zkLink’s cutting-edge zero-knowledge rollup infrastructure and newly launched Nexus platform. zkLink, a trailblazer in the zero-knowledge blockchain sector, today announced the release date for its new token, $ZKL. Following the Community Token Sale on Coinlist, $ZKL will be available to users starting Thursday, January 25, 2024, at 18:00 UTC.

Mint and Trade Real-World Addresses Onchain with PropyKeys dApp, part of Propy ecosystem

Today, PropyKeys, a new gamified application, part of Propy ecosystem, introduces a home addresses market onchain. It is a decentralized application (dApp) game, powered by the PRO token and launched on Base, a layer-2 network operating on top of Ethereum and part of the Coinbase ecosystem. Participants can mint their own or someone else’s home addresses onchain and stake or sell later.

SquidGrow: Building During the Bear

SquidGrow, the meme-utility token co-founded by the elusive crypto whale Shibtoshi, continues to innovate with new ways to energize the community. These include developing a custom bridge and privacy cross chain aggregator, liquidity locker, NFT marketplace, decentralized perpetual exchange, as well as offering an opportunity for anyone to win a whole full Bitcoin as part of “SquidGrow: The Challenge”.