FunFair Ventures has completed the pre-seed round for Simplicity Group

FunFair Ventures has completed the pre-seed round for Simplicity Group, accelerating their expansion plans with capital injection and advisory support. Simplicity Group is dedicated to bringing clarity to the complex world of crypto. Their mission is to make the overwhelming space more accessible for everyone, accelerating mass adoption.
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.bit Reveals .bit Alias to Help Users Avoid Risks of Using Decentralized Identifiers for Certain Asset Transactions

.bit ("the Company"), an open-source Web3 identity provider of permissionless decentralized identifiers, has followed up its recent warning about the risks surrounding the usage of decentralized identifiers for crypto asset transactions by revealing a powerful tool, .bit Alias that reduces the risks for users associated with sending assets using mainstream crypto wallets and exchanges.
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Mercuryo partners with ConsenSys to offer seamless crypto purchases within MetaMask

Mercuryo, a leading crypto payments company, and ConsenSys, a market-leading Web3 company, have announced an integration within MetaMask that will allow MetaMask users to bypass mainstream exchanges and buy crypto tokens with bank cards, Apple Pay, and various bank transfer methods directly in their wallets. This aims to simplify purchasing digital assets thanks to instant checkouts and easier user onboarding.
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MultiversX Announces EGLD Staking & ESDT Tokens Now Available to Over 1.5 Million Ledger Live Users

Today, MultiversX is happy to announce the next step in its partnership with Ledger through the integration of EGLD staking into the Ledger Live App, offering more than 1.5 million users secure access to EGLD staking services. Together with this milestone, Ledger is now also involved in proposing and validating blocks on the MultiversX blockchain network through their very own staking pool, run in collaboration with Figment.
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