What's going on with the XRP coin?

Perhaps many of those who will read this article have long known about the proceedings of the U.S. regulator SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) against the cryptocurrency company Ripple. For those people who do not know what is going on, we will briefly tell you what it is about and how things stand today.
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Kyrrex x Huobi: KRRX will be listed on Huobi

KRRX token will be listed on Huobi, one of the world’s leading and largest crypto exchanges, on January 17th, 2023. Trading on the exchange will be carried out through the KRRX/USDT pair. KRRX token – is the Kyrrex ecosystem’s utility token, which implies different conditions for interacting with services and functions within this ecosystem. 
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Valour Crypto products now available at independent research provider MoneyMoon

Valour Inc., a technology company and the first and only publicly traded company that bridges the gap between traditional capital markets, Web3 and decentralized finance, announced today that the independent comparison platform MoneyMoon listed Valour's product since last week. MoneyMoon is one of the major European exchange traded product comparison platforms with over 75.000 active monthly users.
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Globe Invest Hub Now Supports Deposits with Selected Cryptos

Quick deposits and withdrawals of funds is critical these days in the online brokerage industry, as it allows traders to conduct their financial activities without unnecessary delays or complications. Various funding options can further enhance the trading experience, granting more convenience in moving money in and out of accounts.
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Reneum awarded prestigious Filecoin Green grant to supercharge a Web3-powered transition to renewable energy

Reneum Institute, the clean energy crowdfunding platform built on the blockchain, has been selected as one of the grantees of the $1 Million Regenerative Finance (ReFi) Green Grants Program by Filecoin Green, the Protocol Labs initiative to decarbonize the Filecoin network and the greater Web3 ecosystem. Awarded $150,000, the funding will support Reneum's public launch in Q2 2023, allowing individual and corporate investors to truly catalyze the energy transition and create long-term climate action.
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Introducing social, passive trading and yield generation with Leverage Inu

Don’t be fooled by appearances, Leverage Inu could not be further removed from your usual memecoin play. Bored of the same tired formats being endlessly rolled out, the experienced Levi team has pooled together deep knowledge and passion for all things decentralized finance (DeFi) together with trading to present something entirely new. They call it MemeFi.
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