Samsung Goldex Announced to Establish Gold & Crypto Asset Bank

Samsung Goldex announced that it will actively promote the establishment of "Gold & Crypto Asset Bank", a new decentralized financial institute, combining the conventional gold exchange with the DEX. More specifically, the blockchain-based ledger is introduced in the gold market to cover digital gold platform and gold NFTs, as well as gold money, the traditional valuable assets.
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Tezro Announces New Initiative Which Allows Users To Exchange USTC For TezroST

As per the latest announcement by Tezro, USTC token holders will be given the chance to exchange USTC for TezroST, which is the Tezro shopping token backed by Tether. The rate shall be $1 per USTC token and the new feature will also only be available via the official app. All the users need to do to use this new feature is download the app and look for the TezroST icon. If they possess any USTC tokens, they can easily exchange them for TezroST, a shopping token that can be utilized to pay for all sorts of goods and services in online stores through the Tezro Swift API.
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The Most Promising Energy-Referenced Cryptocurrency of 2022 Debut Into East Asia's Crypto Market

The DigiFinex exchange, which has a daily trading volume of around 1 billion USD and is recognized as one of the highest profile exchanges by CoinMarketCap, announced the listing of the NDB token. The price of the NDB token skyrocketed following its continued presale on the Nyyu exchange, which drew a lot of attention from the crypto community, including other platforms. Nonetheless, NDB tokens are still available on Nyyu at a set discounted price, although they have a 6-month lock-up term. As a result, NDB's large fan base may now trade the currency pair with USDT. Additional trading pairs will be released in the near future.
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The word ‘Aurora’ stands for the name of the goddess of dawn in Roman mythology. It has been widely used in poetry and literature in general as a synonym of sunrise, the lucky beginning of your endeavour. However, this is not the case of the Aurora token (AOA). Here is the story. It began fine, really, in the finest way possible, on January 25, 2014. Time when cryptocurrencies had just gained the attention of general global media and, although becoming a trend, had still been a hobby for scarce but enthusiastic IT-nerds here and there.
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Dvision Network Announces Binance Custody as its Custodian with DVI Token Supported

In another groundbreaking achievement, the blockchain-based metaverse platform Dvision Network has just announced its official onboarding on Binance Custody. As such, Binance’s custody services arm will support deposits and withdrawals of Dvision’s native token, DVI, on its platform. The support for DVI token on Binance Custody will be provided in a cross-chain manner, adding support for both ERC-20 and BEP-20 versions of the Dvision’s native token.
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Valkyrie Investments announces launch of the Valkyrie Multi-Coin Trust (VMCT)

VMCT is the first multi-protocol investment Trust offered by Valkyrie, and is focused on investing in contemporary blockchain networks and tokens that the firm believes are well-positioned to expand market share based on designated investment considerations including: invests in blockchain networks and tokens that launched post Bitcoin and Ethereum; invests in both Layer 1 and Layer 2 Solutions. Focusing on these coins also enables the Firm to return staking yield to investors, an added benefit when compared against competing products on the market.
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How to mine TRON to make money?

As we can see, the TRON network uses a Delegated Participation Proof-of-Participation consensus mechanism and its TRX tokens are fully mined, i.e. they already exist. So I have to tell you that TRON token (TRX) cannot be mined in the traditional sense of the term. Instead, new coins are generated and verified through a staking process that does not require the use of high-performance equipment such as ASICs as in Bitcoin mining.
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