Launches Free Crypto Market Data CSV File Delivery, a provider of crypto market capitalization and pricing data, has added free CSV download functionality to its website. Visitors to have always been able to view cryptocurrency, exchange, and markets data in the timeframe and quote currency of their choice, but now that information can be downloaded as a spreadsheet for use by analysts, researchers, and investors using tools like Microsoft Excel, R, Python, and Statistica.
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Safex Gears Up for Public Beta of Its Safe, Secure, Decentralized Marketplace

After two years in development, Innovative e-commerce platform Safex has announced that early public Beta testing for its decentralized marketplace protocol is underway, with the Community now working with the beta testnet, with Mainnet launch targeted for the end of 2019. The Safex decentralized digital marketplace is built atop a privacy-centric blockchain and will offer consumers a safe, secure and private environment.
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Watchdog Capital Announces Decentralized Broker Dealer Platform for Digital and Traditional Securities

SEC registered FINRA broker dealer, Watchdog Capital Announces Digital Assets Friendly Decentralized Securities Platform. Watchdog Capital sees a future where distributed ledgers using blockchains will replace and streamline many of the inefficiencies in global capital markets. A distributed ledger enables items of value to move without the need of a trusted third party to verify what is true. Watchdog believes that this technology will transform global capital markets.
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NexChange Group partners with Horton Point to launch Nexyst, an institutional marketplace for digital currency asset managers

Asia-based blockchain venture firm, NexChange Group, announced a partnership with New York alternative investment firm, Horton Point, to launch a state-of-the-art marketplace for the institutional digital asset management industry. The Nexyst platform will provide seamless access to a broad range of professionally managed actively-traded crypto strategies and passive investment solutions. Nexyst will debut its initial offering in October 2019.
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Securechain Announces Launch of Finmail Work, a Blockchain-Based Freelance Marketplace

Securechain ApS ("Securechain"), a blockchain company headquartered in Copenhagen, is excited to announce the public launch of Finmail Work, a platform committed to providing an open environment for people anywhere in the world to work and receive payment. Finmail is the first web and desktop add-on approved by Microsoft to allow users to send digital assets via e-mail, helping make cryptocurrency more accessible to the world at large.
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