Marshal Lion Schedules IEO on IDAX Exchange on 30th of October

On October 30-31, the IEO of the Marshal Lion Group project will be held on the IDAX crypto exchange. One day there is a 25% discount on the $ 0.25 token price. IEO Marshal Lion Group is held under the slogan: Tokenizing the non-bank loan market. A new success accompanied company's participation in the Blockchain Life Conference in Moscow. Co-founder and Management board President Bartolomiej Wasilewski has presented the project in Moscow and attracted more investor interest.
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Liquid Launches its First IEO Issued by a Nasdaq-Listed Company, Phunware

Global cryptocurrency platform ("Liquid") announced the launch of its first Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) by a Nasdaq-listed company, Phunware, Inc (NASDAQ: PHUN), a fully-integrated enterprise cloud platform for mobile. The launch of this IEO offers the sale of Phun utility tokens ("Phun") on the Liquid platform. With approximately one billion active devices touching Phunware's platform every month, Phun is uniquely positioned for mainstream adoption.
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