Phaeton, a blockchain-cantered service company that offers sustainable investment options, launched its IEO on September 18. Within 24-hours of the IEO, the project raised $1.5 million US dollars indicating a considerable demand in such a new blockchain technology service firm. Phase 1 of Phaeton’s IEO is currently live on two Crypto Exchanges, namely P2PB2B and LAToken. Here, users can buy the native token PHAE that plays a critical role in the Phaeton ecosystem.
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Parabolic Announces Presale Date, Here’s Why it Shouldn’t be Missed

Dallas, USA / September 15, 2021 / Parabolic, a Defi game built with sound tokenomics is all set for its presale. The project announced that the presale would go live on September 30 on dxsale. As the name suggests the token has been designed to help it make a parabolic move while offering a great gaming experience making it a win-win situation for investors.
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ARNO Announces Second IEO Plans After the Great Success of First One

ARNO, the nanotechnology-based secondary energy storage service provider that also offers investment opportunities through its Defi Integration has completed the first IEO round with an overwhelming response. The project exists in the real world with a fully operational business model, making it an even better investment option in the Defi sector. At the moment, the ARNO Token project has started and continues the procedure for carrying out the IEO, which is primarily due to the collection exceeding the most optimistic forecasts during both pre-sale phases.
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From SENSO to Nobody Sausage: what virtual humans are capable of

Will we soon be listening to music and buying artworks designed by AI-powered avatars? Judging by the projects like Sensorium Galaxy with its SENSO token, or virtual influencers like Shudu, this is a very real possibility.  Here’s what your leisure time might look like a few years from now. You put on a VR headset and hop over to a digital metaverse, such as Sensorium Galaxy. There, in a comfy spaceship cabin, you choose what your avatar should wear that day, and hit the lounge.
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Mind Music Announces Launch of its New Record Label

15 August, 2021 / Mind Music Defi Project is launching its Music Label to Extend its Mental Health Awareness Program With a Revamped Tokenomics. The noble defi project that aims to help raise awareness around mental health through music is launching its own record label. Earlier the project aimed to release a set of covers for nearly 25 songs that will be released under the company’s music label.
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Marshal Lion Schedules IEO on IDAX Exchange on 30th of October

On October 30-31, the IEO of the Marshal Lion Group project will be held on the IDAX crypto exchange. One day there is a 25% discount on the $ 0.25 token price. IEO Marshal Lion Group is held under the slogan: Tokenizing the non-bank loan market. A new success accompanied company's participation in the Blockchain Life Conference in Moscow. Co-founder and Management board President Bartolomiej Wasilewski has presented the project in Moscow and attracted more investor interest.
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Liquid Launches its First IEO Issued by a Nasdaq-Listed Company, Phunware

Global cryptocurrency platform ("Liquid") announced the launch of its first Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) by a Nasdaq-listed company, Phunware, Inc (NASDAQ: PHUN), a fully-integrated enterprise cloud platform for mobile. The launch of this IEO offers the sale of Phun utility tokens ("Phun") on the Liquid platform. With approximately one billion active devices touching Phunware's platform every month, Phun is uniquely positioned for mainstream adoption.
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