Biconomy is the leading digital assets and cryptocurrency platform registered in Canada. Since the launch of the exchange in 2019, there are over 300,000 registered users, and there are more than 200,000 community participants. Crypto Exchange provides Spot trading, P2P, buy BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC, and other cryptos with a bank card, Staking and wealth management, Listing, and Launchpad services. Users can buy and sell crypto straight on Biconomy, using bank cards and Advcash, Banxa, and Simplex payment solutions.
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Revolutionary new Global DeFi Ecosystem Reltime to launch on April 11 at 11:04 CEST

Relltime AS will be launching the world's most secure Proof of Authority (PoA) based blockchain and financial ecosystem on April 11, 2022. Reltime has created a unique Peer-to-Peer (P2P), Decentralised Finance (DeFi) ecosystem. Reltime will introduce a stable coin, Reltime Oxygen (RTO), for all users, which serves as an internal transaction ecosystem currency, backed by deposits in euro.
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Monopoly On-chain Aims to Revolutionize Passive Income Generation Through Real Estate

There have been many different ways to generate passive income in the digital asset space but none have been able to connect one of the most stable forms of income to blockchain. Monopoly On-chain is connecting the digital asset space with the real estate market. MPT token holders have direct access to rental income generated from the properties Monopoly On-chain has under its' portfolio.
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Cross Chain Decentralized Exchange, Hector DEX, is now LIVE!

Hector Finance is building a financial center on the Fantom Opera Chain and beyond, with a range of use cases that the $HEC token can serve. The $HEC token can be staked for (rebase) rewards. Through buybacks and burns, the protocol tries to deliver an appealing APY while also promoting scarcity. The $TOR stablecoin can only be obtained by exchanging $HEC for $TOR, and it gives highly competitive farming rewards.
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Introducing FLYPE protocol, a groundbreaking DEX for swapping and trading LP tokens

Flype protocol transforms a time-consuming, multi-step process into an effortless single swap that we call "Flypping". it turns LP tokens into tradable assets, thus creating an entirely new liquid market. Flyppers can seamlessly switch positions between different liquidity pools and protocols in a single transaction. They can also Flype-in to create new positions or Flype-out of existing ones.
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Trailblazer Games Raises $8.2M to Develop Web3-Native Fantasy Universe

Startup Trailblazer Games has closed an $8.2M seed round led by Makers Fund, including Play Ventures, Fabric Ventures, and a roster of prominent industry leaders in gaming and blockchain. Trailblazer is leading the evolution of games built natively for blockchain, by putting fun at the core of truly scalable economies. They are currently developing a new IP, Eternal Dragons™, a multi-chapter epic about the long-lost Eternal Dragons™.
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AAVE (TRX): The Liquidity Security Protocol

Aave is an open source and non-custodial liquidity protocol for earning interest on deposits. In November 2017, AAVE is a TRX based money market that supports users’ deposits to benefit from various digital assets such as stable currencies. Provide stable income on the premise of ensuring capital security. AAVE is a TRX based money market that supports users’ deposits and benefits from various digital assets such as stable currency.
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iPay Makes Giant Leap Towards Becoming a De Facto Payment Gateway for Content Creators in Web 3.0

One of today’s fastest-growing business areas is the creator economy. Web 2.0 platforms are no longer relied upon by creators for the infrastructure that they have traditionally given in order to make money. Creators are migrating their audience away from larger platforms and onto their own websites and apps to adopt new monetization strategies. The power of creators can encourage widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies by providing direct, secure, and fast transactions. A currency designed specifically for the creative economy can serve as a monetization tool as well as an investment vehicle for holding and appreciating the value that creators make collectively. iPay aims to use breakthrough blockchain technology to become the major money and method of safe, anonymous virtual transactions for industries not limited to: mainstream/adult creators, gaming, gambling, and more, including their migration to the metaverse.
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Metaverse Company RFOX Opens Regional Office in Dubai

RFOX, a leading metaverse startup, has selected Dubai as its regional office. The company plans to use Dubai as a hub for its expansion plans. 16 Mar 2022 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates: RFOX, a fast-growing metaverse company building the future of the Internet, has announced it has established a new regional office in Dubai. The company is currently domiciled in Southeast Asia and has carved out a reputation as one of the hottest blockchain companies.
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