Solar Dex to relaunch on Quai Network

While many solutions for blockchain scalability have been proposed, they remain unable to crack the blockchain trilemma, sacrificing security and decentralization. Quai is the first blockchain protocol that is simultaneously decentralized, censorship resistant and infinitely scalable. Quai, in contrast to traditional cryptocurrencies, functions as a network of many interoperable blockchains braided together.

Bright Horizons: Fideum Group Anchors Spot in Mastercard Lighthouse Elite Program

Fideum Group, an ambitious financial aggregator renowned for its commitment to enhancing both retail and institutional client experiences, announced its notable inclusion in the prestigious Mastercard Lighthouse FINITIV 2023 Fall Program. As one of 15 selectees from the Nordic and Baltic regions, Fideum Group is poised to redefine the fintech industry alongside other innovators, startups, and early-stage scaleups.

Safe to launch modular Account Abstraction stack on Polygon zkEVM

Safe, the most battle-tested smart wallet infrastructure, today announced it will launch its modular account abstraction stack on Polygon zkEVM. This leading ZK scaling protocol is equivalent to Ethereum Virtual Machine, where the vast majority of existing smart contracts, developer tools and wallets already work seamlessly. This enables developers to build dApps with seamless abstracted user experiences with the industry security benchmark.

Offchain Labs and Espresso Systems Partner to Bring Transaction Ordering Technology to Ethereum Rollups

Today, Espresso Systems and Offchain Labs announced that they have formed a partnership towards bringing decentralized and open shared sequencing technology to Ethereum rollups. The collaboration will see the teams undertake joint research on Timeboost, a transaction-ordering design previously proposed by Offchain Labs, and will support technical integrations between the Arbitrum technology stack...

SecuX Shield BIO Revolutionizes Crypto Security: Introducing the Ultra-Slim Biometric Cold Wallet at TOKEN 2049

Renowned for its innovative streak in blockchain security since 2018, SecuX is poised to reveal its latest creation, the Shield BIO card-type hardware  wallet, at TOKEN 2049 - one of the crypto industry's marquee events scheduled for 13-14 September 2023 in Singapore. The Shield BIO is emblematic of next-gen crypto security, masterfully combining biometric fingerprint authentication with the handy format of a credit card.

CipherBlade and MacNerd Unite to Fortify Blockchain Security

CipherBlade, a leading name in blockchain forensics, will collaborate closely with MacNerd, a pioneering force in blockchain technology and software development. While both companies bring unique strengths to the table, this collaboration will predominantly focus on bolstering crypto security and investigation services.