KoreConX Co-Founder Releases Digital Securities 101 - Global 2020 Edition Book

KoreConX is pleased to announce the book release "Digital Securities 101 - Global 2020 Edition." "Digital Securities 101" is a how-to book for anyone who wants to understand the transformation that is happening in the capital markets with the introduction of blockchain. The book provides an overview of why Digital Securities are game-changing and what one needs to understand and prepare. It provides a clear insight into all the components of the private capital markets and how this entire ecosystem operates from start to finish, regardless if they are using RegD or RegA+ exemptions alike.
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CoinAD.media: Advertise your project on more than 140 blockchain and crypto related websites

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GrainChain Named as a Finalist to Fast Company's 2020 World Changing Ideas Awards

GrainChain, a software platform that creates blockchain and internet-of-things (IoT) innovations for the agricultural industry, announces it has been honored as one of 18 finalists of Fast Company's 2020 World Changing Ideas Awards in the Food category. The awards recognize the businesses, policies, projects and concepts that are actively engaged and deeply committed to flattening the curve when it comes to the climate crisis, social injustice or economic inequality.
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Uppsala Security Receives a 2020 Frost & Sullivan Award for Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Security Technology

Based on its recent analysis of the Asia-Pacific blockchain and cryptocurrency security market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Uppsala Security Pte Ltd. with the 2020 Asia-Pacific Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Security Technology Innovation Award. Frost & Sullivan highlighted the Threat intelligence Platform called Sentinel Protocol and the continuous advancements in software products enabling organizations to confidently analyze and visualize cryptocurrency transactions and protect crypto assets as well as other digital assets from malicious attacks, scams, and fraud across diverse industries by enhancing business transparency and  stability.
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Introducing MedsLOCK by Maxonrow and Avantas Tech

Maxonrow is honored to team up with Avantas Tech to launch MedsLOCK, a much-welcomed solution to help combat the global flight against COVID-19. MedsLOCK is a communication and real-time monitoring platform built on top of the Maxonrow blockchain. Designed by Avantas Tech, with the technology of Maxonrow, the platform is designed to coalesce all of the pertinent aspects of real-time pandemic monitoring such as medical supply chain data, patient metrics, lockdown zone updates, blood donor info, and more into a single interface.
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xx network sells $9.7M in xx coins

The xx network has completed its initial sale of the xx coin, the revolutionary cryptocurrency led by David Chaum.  The sale was focused on rewarding early backers who helped drive decentralization of the xx network. During the Regulation S offering, 500 coin holders from outside the U.S purchased $9.7M in xx coins totaling approximately 3.5% of the overall supply.  55 countries on 5 continents participated.  Until xx MainNet, coins will be secured by an ERC-1404 contract with an associated lockup period (See xx-coin.io).
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Telos and BlockBastards to Bring Unity Games to the Blockchain

We are pleased to announce today something that will revolutionize gaming on the blockchain – one of the most in-demand use cases among everyday consumers. BlockBastards, a blockchain development company founded in early 2018, will soon launch Qudo, a proof-of-gameplay reward mechanism that will allow any game built on the Unity gaming engine to add token-based features.
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Beam Solutions AML Compliance Software Selected By Wyre

Beam Solutions announced today that Wyre, the leading infrastructure provider in crypto, selected Beam to provide its next-generation anti-money laundering compliance platform. "We were looking for a world-class, turnkey compliance platform that we could integrate with our crypto forensics tools," said Michael Dunworth, CEO at Wyre. "Beam's SaaS solution provides identity verification and transaction monitoring in a single platform that is more cost effective than the individual compliance tools we were using before. Their ability to consolidate providers is a real plus for us."
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