Choosing LYOTRADE as your crypto exchange? Here are 5 reasons to do it

With hundreds of crypto exchanges now emerging, it is important to understand the key benefits to choose a crypto exchange. Today, we take a look at why LYOTRADE, which is a regulated and licensed crypto exchange that follows Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML). Is LYOTRADE the right choice for you?
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Raising the Game: Key Steps for Attracting Funding in GameFi

The cryptocurrency market has been steadily recovering, with investors injecting over $9 billion into crypto and blockchain projects in the first three months of 2023. Among the top investment targets are decentralized exchanges (DEXs), crypto wallets, trading platforms, and GameFi projects., a GameFi project with the first NFT collection, upgradable in rarity, and two P2E games, just closed its successful pre-sale last week and is now gearing up for its PinkSale launchpad debut. How did the Sharks manage to attract funding despite the market's ongoing recovery?
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Cloak Protocol Pre-Sale Goes Live As The Platform Looks To Revolutionize DeFi

Cloak Protocol is happy to announce that its pre-sale is now live, and the team encourages participants to join the game-changing $CLOAK project, which is focused on privacy and security. As a groundbreaking privacy-centric DAO and DeFi project, Cloak Protocol effectively combines advanced encryption, anonymity, and decentralization to redefine privacy in the digital age.
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The Real Truth About LYOPAY Crypto Ecosystem

There is a project that is becoming popular in the crypto world. And we know that, no matter how many companies there are, it is a sector in which information travels fast and reaches everyone's ears and eyes. The latest trend of the moment seems to be LYOPAY, a crypto ecosystem of products ranging from crypto exchanges to bitcoin travel platforms. 
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How Aİ affects the development of the blockchain gaming industry

The intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain technology is a hot topic in the world of gaming. While Blockchain technology provides a secure and transparent platform for gamers to transact and exchange game assets, AI offers advanced algorithms that can enhance the gameplay experience. Together, AI and Blockchain are disrupting the gaming industry in ways that were previously impossible. Andrey Frost, CEO of, is sure that the synergy of blockchain, Aİ and gaming will open up new prospects for players and traders. The current year of 2023 has already been dubbed as the year of AI by experts.
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Aptos Foundation Releases Core Delegation Pool Functionality Through the Release of AIP-6 Developed by the Team at Bware Labs

It is hardly the case that any Web3 enthusiast has never heard about Aptos Network, an L1 aiming to be one of the safest and most scalable blockchains in the Web3 space. Built by former Meta employees previously working on Diem, Aptos Network is designed with scalability, safety, reliability, and upgradeability as its key principles while relying on the capabilities of Move, a Rust-based programming language designed to provide higher security and flexibility for developers.
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FunFair Ventures has completed the pre-seed round for Simplicity Group

FunFair Ventures has completed the pre-seed round for Simplicity Group, accelerating their expansion plans with capital injection and advisory support. Simplicity Group is dedicated to bringing clarity to the complex world of crypto. Their mission is to make the overwhelming space more accessible for everyone, accelerating mass adoption.
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