What are NFT-games and is it possible to make money on them?

If you don't know about them yet, you'll definitely hear about them soon – NFT games are now developing on a par with crypto-art, and users are spending millions of dollars on in-game purchases. NFT games are growing very fast. Of course, it's growing when there's a real opportunity to get money even just for the time spent in the game itself. You get real tokens, cryptocurrency, and then you can convert it into regular money, withdraw it, or invest it further! Also, these game tokens are constantly increasing in value!
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GEMS: the Future of Gaming

[HONG KONG, April 13, 2022] – GEMS, an Esports 3.0 aggregator platform within an O2O ecosystem, has released a sneak peek video of their upcoming TGE launch, set for the coming weeks. GEMS’s ecosystem is the haven for both traditional gamers and GameFi players, allowing them to acquire NFTs at a lower price point, interacting with other players, and many more. This project has raised $5M+ USDT and has accumulated 45+ partners, including Project Seed and FOTA.
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NFT Collector buys all 63 National Parks NFTs

While many NFTs focus on JPEG profile pictures, one project has been doing things a little differently. National Parks NFT sold out their 4.8K collection in 7 minutes back in January as club membership for national park superfans. One collector decided to go all-in, buying an NFT for each of the 63 national parks - investing over $30,000 for this achievement. He is recognized in the projects Hall of Fame and was awarded with the rarest NFT in the collection.
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Popular BTM Operator: Bitcoin of America Welcomes Shiba Inu Coin to Its Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin of America has officially announced the newest addition to their Bitcoin ATMs (BTMs). Shiba Inu coin is now available at Bitcoin of America ATM locations. Bitcoin of America has more than 1800 BTMs across 31 states. They recognized the growing popularity of Shiba Inu and decided it was time to include it in their BTMs. Bitcoin of America also offers Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum options. This news comes after their recent addition of Dogecoin in March of this year.
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BIT Token Listing on the MEXC Global Exchange

04.09.2022, Ottawa, Canada – Biconomy is the leading digital assets and cryptocurrency platform registered in Canada. Since the launch of the exchange in 2019, there are over 300,000 registered users, and there is more than 200,000 community. Crypto Exchange provides Spot trading, P2P, buy BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC, and other cryptos with a bank card, Staking and wealth management, Listing, and Launchpad services. Users can buy and sell crypto straight on Biconomy, using bank cards and Advcash, Banxa, and Simplex payment solutions.
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The Data Economics Company announces Notice of Allowance for a U.S. Patent Application on Transactional Proof of Work and Workchains

The Data Economics Company (DECO), a science and tech company that develops the Lydion® Engine, announced that its patent application covering systems and methods of generating, validating, and utilizing digital data assets in a blockchain platform using a minimal-energy-consuming Transactional Proof of Work (TPow) algorithm received a Notice of Allowance from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This patent is foundational to the functionality of the Lydion Engine and the method it uses to generate, validate, approve, and record Lydion Digital Assets (Lydions) within a Data Economic Network (DENET).
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Pixels.com Launches Platform for Printing NFTs

Transform Your NFTs into Canvas Prints, T-Shirts, Puzzles, and More. Pixels.com, the world’s largest art marketplace, has launched a new feature which allows NFT owners to print their NFTs as canvas prints, t-shirts, puzzles, and hundreds of other print-on-demand products. 2021 saw a surge in public awareness and popularity of NFTs – collectible items that exist in the digital world. Pixels’ technology transforms digital into physical. With just a few clicks, anyone who owns an NFT can purchase physical products made from their NFT artwork.
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