A Deep Dive Into The World Of Arcus

The GameFi world has been suffocated well enough of rug NFT projects almost every other day. Those that made it past one month from launch barely even have a fifty percent chance of making it out. Those that make it, either have lost touch of the excitement and thrill from the current P2E model or just the economy was not planned well that the game gradually dies of from token mishandling. What we are rendering is the restoration of the lost thrill, fun and excitement from gaming experience together with earning tokens in the GameFi world.
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Introducing Goobig at the Chainlink Sponsored Hackathon

Goobig is happy to announce its participation in the Chainlink sponsored hackathon. The hackathon commences on Friday the 21st of April and runs until the 27th of May 2022. Goobig will use the Hackathon to present their MVP product; an NFT value optimising tool that will help traders, both buyers and sellers extract more value from NFT transactions.
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Valkyrie Investments announces launch of the Valkyrie Multi-Coin Trust (VMCT)

VMCT is the first multi-protocol investment Trust offered by Valkyrie, and is focused on investing in contemporary blockchain networks and tokens that the firm believes are well-positioned to expand market share based on designated investment considerations including: invests in blockchain networks and tokens that launched post Bitcoin and Ethereum; invests in both Layer 1 and Layer 2 Solutions. Focusing on these coins also enables the Firm to return staking yield to investors, an added benefit when compared against competing products on the market.
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Yomi Games Raises $2M to Build Out Casual Play-and-Earn Ecosystem

Yomi Games has raised a $2 million seed round to fund its vision of developing social, casual, and play-and-earn blockchain games. The developer recently launched its first non-fungible token (NFT) collection, Oni Squad, and an accompanying mini-game, Oni Mansion. The Oni Squad collection consists of 6,666 hand-drawn generative Onis (ghosts) that were also playable assets in Oni Mansion.
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Premier NFT Platform Makersplace Partners with The Holoverse to Auction First-of-its-kind Hologram of da Vinci Masterpiece

MakersPlace, the premier marketplace for rare and authentic digital artworks, today announced that The Holoverse, the first company to tokenize historical masterpieces with rights and make them into holographic NFTs, is releasing a first-of-its-kind holographic NFT of Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece, La Bella Principessa, which will be auctioned on April 21, 2022 with a starting bid at $100,000. Using this groundbreaking technology, Old Master artworks can now be viewable, when people do not have access to the originals.
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SugarBounce Protocol releases on-chain adult streaming dApp on Binance Smart Chain – SugarStreams

Talin, Estonia. The SugarBounce’s Protocol and Adult Streaming app is available for exclusive access on Binance Smart Chain! It provides the foundational live video streaming and storage infrastructure along with other backend modules which enable complete decentralization for the ecosystem: a Live Video Streaming Network, a decentralized utility token, an advertisement network, a User Registry, and an indexing and search module.
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Opera Ships iOS Version of Its Crypto Browser

Opera, [NASDAQ: OPRA], the company behind the popular multi-platform web browser, today unveils the latest update to its "Crypto Browser Project," offering more users direct, user-friendly access to Web3 services with the arrival of the highly-anticipated version for iOS. Web 3 is gaining momentum, with a record 34 thousand developers having joined the space in 2021 to work on a growing number of dApps. The Web3-experience for users has, however, been oftentimes far from intuitive and traditionally not optimized for iOS users. With iOS support, Opera's Crypto Browser, which is a dedicated web3 browser with a built-in non-custodial crypto wallet, is primed to take adoption and ease of use up a notch.
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