BlueSnap Partners with BitPay to Offer Cryptocurrency Acceptance and Payout

BlueSnap, a global payment orchestration platform of choice for leading B2B and B2C businesses, today announced a new partnership with BitPay, the world's largest provider of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment services. This product partnership will give businesses the ability to accept and get paid out in up to 15 different cryptocurrencies and seven fiat currencies globally, and supports BlueSnap's mission to help businesses across the globe increase their revenue and reduce costs.
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Promising blockchain project Tokoin raised an undisclosed investment from DWF Labs despite “crypto-winter”

Although each "crypto winter" (or "bear market," as the uninitiated may call it) is unique, they always have one thing in common: they all inspire a fresh wave of invention. Tokoin is an extremely well-known Blockchain company from South East Asia. The project is considered as one of the most promising Defi projects in Southeast Asia and is invested by reputable companies such as Kucoin labs and is also advised by the CEO of Kucoin - Johnny Lyu. And on October 10th, Tokoin has successfully raised an undisclosed investment from the world renowned web 3 venture capital firm DWF Labs, marking a new milestone on the road to building a decentralized economy.
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EtherMail’s Read-2-Earn Solution: A Much-Needed Framework for Email Economics

Everyday, 320 billion emails are sent worldwide, a figure that is expanding by roughly 3% on an annual basis. In a 24 hour period, the average worker in the U.S receives 120 emails, with roughly 20% of these landing in their inbox as unwanted spam. What this tells us is that the foundational email architecture has remained static over time, and is unfit for today’s privacy-centric environment. Bottom line, it’s time to address the long standing issue of unwanted, unsolicited marketing outreach and reward users for their time and attention.
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AnChain.AI Partners with Algorand, Providing Powerful Web3 Risk Controls for Algorand Developers

Algorand, the world's most powerful and sustainable blockchain, is now fully accessible within AnChain.AI's AI-powered web3 risk prevention and security platform. Through enablement on the AnChain.AI platform, Algorand is laying the foundation for payments fraud prevention, FATF compliance, and a risk-based approach to blockchain development for all of its developers. Now VASPs and developers building on Algorand can remain confident that they are building wholly secure and compliant products from day 1.
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Sensorium to Showcase Latest Innovations of its AI-driven Metaverse at GITEX 2022

Sensorium, a leading developer in the metaverse space, is joining GITEX GLOBAL for the second year in a row. The company has prepared a range of thrilling activities for all visitors to discover and experience the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse ahead of its public launch. As a key participant of X-Verse, a new GITEX event dedicated to immersive technologies and the Web 3.0 industry, Sensorium will showcase some of its latest innovations in the field of extended reality and artificial intelligence with an interactive multi-day program.
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Bit Digital, Inc. Announces Update Related to Hosting Partner's Operations

Bit Digital, Inc. (Nasdaq: BTBT) ("Bit Digital" or the "Company"), a digital asset mining company headquartered in New York, announced updates related to its hosting partner's operations. Bit Digital received a notice (the "Notice") dated October 4, 2022, from the City of Niagara Falls, New York. The Notice pertained to a Niagara Falls, NY facility that is owned and operated by one of the Company's hosting partners, Blockfusion USA Inc. ("Blockfusion").
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NodeReal Unveils Future Product Roadmap in Making Web3 Real

NodeReal, the world's leading blockchain infrastructure and services provider, has held its very first birthday celebration event in Singapore with 400 leading Web3 project builders participating in the event. During the event, NodeReal announced the latest product roadmap update to summarise the recent progress and success of its products, partnerships, and community.
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World's Fastest Growing Staking Service Provider Born out of Lugano, Switzerland

Luganodes is a Swiss-based institutional-grade staking service provider, providing world-class blockchain infrastructure to PoS networks and enabling institutions with the right products and services of today and tomorrow. Luganodes aspires to play a critical role in securing and scaling Proof of Stake (PoS) networks through efficient, secure, and scalable decentralized infrastructure.
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