Acta Finance: Leading the charge in DeFi innovation

The crypto markets have been recovering over the last two months after a 14-month downtrend, which eliminated many projects launched at the end of the previous bull run. While other projects failed to fundraise or wasted investor money, Acta Finance has been developing its ecosystem minimum viable product (MVP) and recently started marketing its products on the Avalanche testnet.
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Dubai-Headquartered Crypto Exchange MaskEX Launches Virtual Card for Worldwide Spending and Welcomes Ben Caselin as Vice President to Drive Global Expansion Effort

MaskEX, a rapidly expanding third-generation crypto exchange, headquartered in Dubai, has announced the launch of its crypto-backed Virtual Card, enabling users to spend their crypto as fiat in more than 176 countries with over 50 million merchants worldwide. This new feature is now available to all ID-verified MaskEX users.
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Xapo Bank Partners With Lightspark, Becoming The First Fully Licensed Private Bank To Offer Near-Instant Bitcoin Payments Through Lightning Network Integration

Xapo Bank, a leading Bitcoin custodian and licensed private bank, has partnered with Lightspark and integrated with the Lightning Network to enable lightning-fast Bitcoin payments for its customers. Xapo Bank members can now instantly pay for small purchases of up to $100 USD at any vendor which accepts Lightning payments without suffering high transaction fees and long blockchain confirmation waiting times.
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Aegis Custody Launches Best-In-Class Digital Asset Custody Platform for Qualified Custodian Gateways

Aegis Custody, a digital asset custodian offering regulatory compliant solutions and custody services for digital assets and Web3 on-chain transactions, announced today the release of its proprietary MPC based custody platform, Aegis Vault. It has been designed and optimized to provide industry-leading security for its customers as a two-directional custodial solution and regulatory gateway connecting clients to Web3 services, and offers transaction speeds of just 1-2 hours from cold storage, compared to the 48 hours provided by industry players.
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