Here’s How GameSwift Is Pushing Web3 Gaming Into The Mainstream

Web3-based gaming is growing in popularity minute by minute with no less than six billion dollars invested in web3 gaming projects in the first half of 2022. Even so, there is a clear lack of a reliable solution for crypto gaming because gamers and major game publishers tend to be wary of Web3 games. GameSwift's vision is to change the dynamic, create a platform  to enjoy, develop, and build strong communities while onboarding the next million of players into the world of web3.
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OVER announces 7th edition of ARwards for most iconic Metaverse environments

OVER, the decentralized infrastructure for an open, AR-enabled Metaverse, has announced the 7th edition of a fully revamped OVER ARwards called the Venue Design Contest. The competition invites 3D creators and designers to build environments in the OVER Metaverse, choosing from four different categories: stores, art galleries, music rooms and showrooms. A prize pool of $30,000 in OVR Tokens is to be split among the most impressive competition entries.
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Kodo Assets Introduces New Way To Invest In Real Estate Through Tokenization and Blockchain Technology

São Paulo, Brazil, 24th October 2022 – A Brazil-based blockchain and real estate project has recently announced its launching of a real-estate tokenization platform – Kodo Assets. Watchful of the demands of the real estate market and the evolution of blockchain technology, Kodo Assets, a real estate tokenization platform - which arrives in the market to democratize the access to real estate investment, help increase liquidity of such assets and reduce the barriers of access to this market, be it due to high transaction costs or red tape - , announces its first real estate tokenization project in Brazil.
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OANDA Launches Crypto Trading Service in the US

OANDA, a global leader in online multi-asset trading services, currency data and analytics, today announced the launch of a new cryptocurrency trading offering in the US market, designed to give investors easy access to crypto alongside their existing forex portfolios in a secure environment. The trading ecosystem has been developed in partnership with Paxos Trust Company, a regulated blockchain infrastructure platform.
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While Everyone Is Trying to Build a Super App Blockbank Has Done It

Blockbank is available on the Apple and Google Play stores for download and provides the end user with a portal into all things banking, digital finance, and cryptocurrency. Having multiple back-ends with one front-end establishes a multi-faceted user-centric experience allowing each user to pick and choose how they want to participate not only in the application but with their own personal finances.
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GNY Launches GNY Mobile Wallet to Allow Users More Convenient Access to Its Blockchain Network

GNY, the leading blockchain based machine learning business, has launched the GNY Mobile Wallet, allowing users to access the GNY blockchain conveniently through their Android and IOS mobile devices. The GNY Mobile Wallet allows users to manage their GNY assets and vote for the delegates that secure the GNY blockchain network. Users can also create new tokens on the GNY Mainnet network all from the convenience of their mobile devices.
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The world’s first staking summit will convene to explore where the $300bn+ industry goes next

The world’s first Staking Summit will convene this November to explore where crypto’s rapidly growing $300bn+ staking ecosystem goes post-Ethereum’s merge. Staking Rewards, staking’s leading data aggregator, will be hosting the full-day, in a real-life event, which will bring together some of the foremost experts and investors from across the industry, with big-name speakers from Ethereum, Cosmos, Polkadot, and many more.
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New community service-based position information game TEKKON will be released on 15 October 2022

Manila, Philippines, 15 October 2022 – The Whole Earth Foundation (WEF), a nonprofit organization that creates, provides, and operates an infrastructure information platform for a community initiative, has announced the release of the iOS version of TEKKON, a new community service-based web app in the App Store today. Having originated from Japan, the company has since expanded its service offerings to the global market focusing on initial markets such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Brazil & South Korea.
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