BitPay Partners with Crypto Tax Software ZenLedger

BitPay, the world's largest provider of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment services, has announced a partnership with crypto tax software company, ZenLedger. BitPay users can sync wallet transactions directly from within the app to ZenLedger's intuitive tax software. With just a few taps from the BitPay app, ZenLedger will automatically calculate cost basis, fair market value, gains/losses and tax-loss harvesting for a user's transaction history.
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World-Leading Cloud-Mining Service Provider BitFuFu Launches ANTMINER Coupons Trading Function

On 21st February, BitFuFu will announce the launch of the ANTMINER coupons trading function at the WDMS conference. ANTMINER coupons are issued by the world’s leading miner manufacturer BITMAIN, which can be used to offset the purchase order amount of ANTMINER produced which was sold by BITMAIN, thereby reducing the cost of miners for investors and improving the return on investment efficiency.
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Mercuryo partners with ConsenSys to offer seamless crypto purchases within MetaMask

Mercuryo, a leading crypto payments company, and ConsenSys, a market-leading Web3 company, have announced an integration within MetaMask that will allow MetaMask users to bypass mainstream exchanges and buy crypto tokens with bank cards, Apple Pay, and various bank transfer methods directly in their wallets. This aims to simplify purchasing digital assets thanks to instant checkouts and easier user onboarding.
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NFEX Raises $3M Seed Round to Build NFT Derivatives DEX

NFEX has completed a $3 Million seed round led by ABCDE Capital and included investment from other well-known institutions including Amber Group and Firestone Ventures. NFEX strives to build the best derivative NFT market, creating new opportunities to attract greater liquidity to the NFT marketplace.
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Gridex Protocol: Integrating First Fully On-chain Order Book For a New Generation of DEX

Gridex Protocol provides exclusive features like its Maker Orders protocol, allowing traders to place orders of any size and price without fear of slippage or MEV. It enables access to liquidity from other DEXs as well as liquidity pooled from users, granting users a smoother trading experience. Besides, it intends to roll out its protocol on more public chain such as Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon and BNB Chain for faster, more affordable transactions.
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