Phemex Reveals Pioneering Insight on Upgrading from Centralized to Hybrid Semi-Centralized Crypto Exchange Platform Model

Stella Chan CMO of Phemex, a leading crypto platform, shares her vision involving plans to transition from a centralized to a hybrid semi-centralized crypto exchange platform model. With over US$5 billion in daily average trading volume and a user base of more than 5 million people worldwide, Phemex has quickly risen to the top ranks of crypto derivatives exchanges in the past 4 years.
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.bit Reveals .bit Alias to Help Users Avoid Risks of Using Decentralized Identifiers for Certain Asset Transactions

.bit ("the Company"), an open-source Web3 identity provider of permissionless decentralized identifiers, has followed up its recent warning about the risks surrounding the usage of decentralized identifiers for crypto asset transactions by revealing a powerful tool, .bit Alias that reduces the risks for users associated with sending assets using mainstream crypto wallets and exchanges.
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GROW Believes Simple is Better for Crypto Finance Management

"Decentralization is the essence of crypto and is the fundamental basis of how it solves many tradfi [traditional finance] issues.  However, the inevitable trade-off is that it leads to a burdensome user experience, which only increases as you further diversify your crypto holdings, such as using more platforms, exchanges, or wallets," says Sean Kim, CEO and founder of GROW, a mobile app that allows users to earn crypto rewards.
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$10M Web3.0 Global Acceleration Program Initiates, launched by Multichain and HK Web3Hub

Multichain has teamed up with the Web3hub, a platform initiated by G-Rocket Accelerator to push the Web3.0 industry forward, to launch a three-month Web3.0 Global Acceleration Program. With a total funding of $10 million and an initial funding of $1 million raised by Multichain, the program aims to accelerate high-tech cross-chain application projects and build a MultichainVerse (MV) where all crypto ecosystems are united.
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Lambda256 Unveils Luniverse NOVA, the Blockchain Node Service for Web3 Developers

Lambda256, the blockchain tech arm of South Korean fintech leader Dunamu, has launched a new web3 development service platform named Luniverse NOVA. The platform aims to provide a user-friendly way for developers to build decentralized applications (dApps) on public chains such as Ethereum and Polygon networks, with advanced node service and high interoperable APIs.
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Decentralized Crypto Financial, Inc. Launches First Ever KYC & AML Compliant Blockchain Solution in Partnership with Renowned Government Contractor, TENICA Global Solutions

Decentralized Crypto Financial , Inc. (DeCryptoFi), in partnership with Tenica Global Solutions (TENICA) today launched a new blockchain platform dedicated to making digital assets available in compliance with all SEC and Federal Government laws and regulations, the first publicly available Know Your Customer (KYC) & Anti Money Laundering (AML) compliant blockchain.
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LABEL Foundation Secures 7 Digit Investment From DWF Labs

As per the latest news, LABEL Foundation, a Korean-based organization dedicated to revolutionizing the music industry through the power of blockchain technology, has secured a major investment in the venture round funding from DWF Labs, the multi-stage Web 3.0 investment firm. DWF Labs, that has recently been labeled as a top crypto investor by Coindesk, has injected $1 million in LABEL’s ecosystem to foster the development of their pioneering Dapp TRACKS and to expand their user base by bringing innovative solutions to the market.
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Opside secures $4M seed round to expand its ZK-rollup-as-a-service platform

Opside, a cutting-edge three-layer infrastructure platform providing ZK-RaaS (ZK-rollup-as-a-service), has recently closed a successful $4 million fundraising seed round. The funding was led by Ventures, with participation from other notable investors in the crypto industry, highlighting the growing interest in this innovative solution.
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