Building on Bitcoin: How Yala Is Transforming BTC’s Potential Into a Reality

In a digital age where cryptocurrency is synonymous with innovative potential, Bitcoin, as the pioneer of decentralization, has often been regarded more as a static store of value than a dynamic asset. Yala emerges as a visionary Bitcoin builder, claiming to have developed a mechanism poised to unlock Bitcoin’s untapped billions. This initiative aims to transform Bitcoin from a passive asset into an active force within the burgeoning...

Spield Trading Generates Over $1.8 Billion Net Profit for Partners in 2023, Sharing the Right Values in the Crypto Industry

Spield Trading, a leading quantitative trading firm based in Toronto with over 15 years of experience, has established unique business standards in the crypto industry, generating over $1.8 billion in net profits for its clients during the bear market of 2023. Currently serving 33 projects on Binance, Spield Trading has expanded its cooperation to major exchanges in countries like South Korea and Japan. Since entering the crypto...

Tellor Aims To Simplify Oracle Protocols For Smart Contracts

Tellor, a leading oracle protocol, envisions a future where oracles must cater to a broad user base spanning various chains. In 2023, the trend of integrating multiple oracles gained momentum, with protocols like Chainlink and Tellor collaborating to offer diverse trade-offs. The Blockchain Oracle Summit, now in its third year, underscores the growing maturity of the conversation around oracle risk.

Waterfall Network Announces New Testnet 8

Waterfall Network, the fast-flowing, layer one (L1), scalable, completely decentralized smart contract platform, today announced the release of its Testnet 8, the final testnet before the protocol’s publicly accessible mainnet, which is launching soon.

Hooked Protocol Unveils Education Launchpad, Debuting with Groundbreaking BRC20 Project TUNO

Hooked Protocol (‘Hooked’), the world’s first Web3 social learning platform, proudly introduces Hooked Education Launchpad. As part of Hooked 2.0, it serves as a fair launch platform, empowering qualified projects to educate the community for perpetual growth. The initiative not only supports emerging forces but also drives innovation in Web3, building a diverse ecosystem through collaborative projects and rewarding active involvement.

Market Haven Experts Post Special Analysis of Crypto Prospects After SEC's BTC ETF Approval

The green light for a Bitcoin-centric ETF by the SEC has sparked a buzz of anticipation in the crypto sphere. This pivotal move paves the way for a surge in crypto adoption as it integrates Bitcoin into more conventional, regulated financial avenues. Analysts at the reputable online brokerage brand Market Haven are now intensely scrutinizing every ripple in the cryptocurrency sea post this landmark SEC endorsement.

MicroAlgo Inc. Announced Bitcoin Trading Prediction Algorithm Based on Machine Learning and Technical Indicators

MicroAlgo Inc. (the "Company" or "MicroAlgo"), today announced a Bitcoin trading prediction algorithm based on machine learning and technical indicators. The algorithm combines deep learning, technical analysis and quantitative trading strategies to provide investors with more accurate and intelligent decision support. By learning and analyzing a large amount of data from the Bitcoin market, the algorithm...