zkLink Reveals Public Registration Date for $ZKL Token

$ZKL token realizes high-performance DeFi through zkLink’s cutting-edge zero-knowledge rollup infrastructure and newly launched Nexus platform. zkLink, a trailblazer in the zero-knowledge blockchain sector, today announced the release date for its new token, $ZKL. Following the Community Token Sale on Coinlist, $ZKL will be available to users starting Thursday, January 25, 2024, at 18:00 UTC.

Nolus Protocol Leads with Stellar Initial Phase Performance

Nolus is a semi-permissioned blockchain bridging lenders and borrowers in a DeFi money market. With its DeFi Lease, borrowers can secure up to 150% financing on their initial investments, and access to the underlying leveraged assets through whitelisted strategies. In only 6 months since launch, total transactional volume reached almost $15m with a large increase in January reaching $250k daily volume.

BL2 Technology officially launched: fostering the development at On-Chain Scaling Evolution

Recently, BL2 technology in Bitcoin officially launched, brings significant improvements to the overall Bitcoin ecosystem, fostering the development at On-Chain Scaling Evolution. In the dynamic realm of blockchain technology, the rise of Web3, the metaverse, and the transformative impact of NFTs in digital finance propel society forward at an astonishing pace. Amidst this, the limitations of blockchain design challenge its ecological expansion. 

SphereX to Launch as the First Decentralized Crypto Exchange on Blast

Today marks a groundbreaking moment in the world of decentralized finance as SphereX, a revolutionary decentralized crypto exchange (DEX), proudly announces it will be the first DEX to launch on Blast. SphereX, helmed by Kaimin Hu, former CBO of BitMart, emerges as the pioneering decentralized exchange to launch on Blast, and is aimed at providing users with a more secure, efficient, and transparent...

The Untamed Power of PoE Takes Over the Blockchain: GODChain

Gorilla DeFi presents GODChain, a transformative blockchain built on the all new Proof of Engagement (PoE) consensus mechanism. Unlike traditional chains, GODChain fosters vibrant SocialFi experiences by prioritizing user participation. Creators and users alike thrive in this decentralized ecosystem, empowered by native tokens earned through genuine engagement, creating a truly decentralized and engaging social media experience.

Mint and Trade Real-World Addresses Onchain with PropyKeys dApp, part of Propy ecosystem

Today, PropyKeys, a new gamified application, part of Propy ecosystem, introduces a home addresses market onchain. It is a decentralized application (dApp) game, powered by the PRO token and launched on Base, a layer-2 network operating on top of Ethereum and part of the Coinbase ecosystem. Participants can mint their own or someone else’s home addresses onchain and stake or sell later.