Apraemio and Biconomy Forge Strategic Partnership to Elevate Web3 Accessibility and Real-World Asset Integration

Apraemio is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Biconomy, a leading infrastructure provider which is setting standards for seamless web3 transactions. This collaboration marks a pivotal step towards integrating Biconomy's Account Abstraction SDK into Apraemio's platform, enhancing the accessibility of the $APRA token and paving the way for the simplified integration of real-world assets into the digital economy.

Web3Port Foundation Established

In 2021 Web3Port core team established Web3Port Accelerator. Web3Port Accelerator, a fully standardized accelerator platform dedicated to “investment, financing, management, withdrawal”, drives the growth of startups through its unique funnel model and professional acceleration module.

DEX Aggregator Jupiter Integrates With Mercuryo for Crypto Ecosystem Growth

Jupiter, the largest decentralised trading aggregator based on the Solana blockchain, has partnered with Mercuryo, a global payments infrastructure provider. This is the first strategic partnership by Jupiter when it comes to payment providers, and it sets the goal of using Mercuryo's On-Ramp services to bring more people into Solana and the crypto ecosystem in general.

AnonExch.io: Pioneering Untraceable Cross-Chain Crypto Swaps with Minimal Fees. We support most of the major coins, such as BTC, ETH, XMR, USDT, DAI, SOL and more is being implemented regularly

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, security, privacy, and efficiency are paramount concerns for users engaged in digital asset exchanges. AnonExch emerges as a game-changer in the crypto space, offering untraceable cross-chain crypto swaps at the lowest fees possible through its innovative algorithm. This article explores the features, advantages, and the unique selling proposition of AnonExch, accessible at https://www.anonexch.io.

MicroVisionChain Celebrates First Anniversary: Mainnet Launch and F2pool Listing of SPACE

MicroVisionChain (MVC), a high-performance Bitcoin layer 2 chain, is celebrating its first anniversary since the mainnet launch. MVC, which utilizes UTXO and PoW consensus, is renowned for its high performance, low fees, and decentralization. Its native coin, SPACE, is a top 3 PoW chain in terms of hash rate and uses the same SHA256d mining algorithm as Bitcoin, making Bitcoin ASICs usable for mining space.