LTO Network unveils revolutionary roadmap for decentralized real world assets (RWAs) ecosystem

LTO Network, a leading blockchain platform, is set to establish the world's most advanced Real World Assets (RWAs) ecosystem on its blockchain, addressing the pressing need for decentralized technologies to tokenize assets effectively. With a total value of 1.3 billion USD currently on-chain in the crypto space, RWAs have emerged as a significant growth area, attracting attention from industry leaders in both traditional finance...

Centi Closes Seed Financing round led by Archblock and Bloomhaus Ventures, advancing blockchain-based micropayments and financial inclusion

Centi is proud to announce the successful completion of its seed financing round led by Archblock and Bloomhaus Ventures with continued investments from existing shareholders and founders. Recognized for its proficiency in processing transactions as small as a cent, Centi is poised for the global expansion of its blockchain-based micropayment solutions and an increased footprint in promoting financial inclusion.

DeFinity Markets Forges Strategic Digital Assets Partnership with One Trading

DeFinity Markets (powered by DMALINK), the institutional digital assets ECN, and One Trading, a crypto trading exchange headquartered and regulated in the European Union, announced a partnership to expand liquidity access for eligible institutions. The companies have taken a significant step towards creating the region's most expansive custody-agnostic institutional digital assets and fiat rails.

SquidGrow: Building During the Bear

SquidGrow, the meme-utility token co-founded by the elusive crypto whale Shibtoshi, continues to innovate with new ways to energize the community. These include developing a custom bridge and privacy cross chain aggregator, liquidity locker, NFT marketplace, decentralized perpetual exchange, as well as offering an opportunity for anyone to win a whole full Bitcoin as part of “SquidGrow: The Challenge”.

AltLayer rollups to now support Polygon CDK stack

AltLayer, the leading rollups infrastructure provider that accelerates scaling for Web3, has now become an implementation provider for Polygon CDK. We will speed up access to Polygon CDK for our rollup users who are looking to deploy L2s on Ethereum.

Zetrix and Beitou Launch Digital ID & Driver's Licence Services on Blockchain

Zetrix, a layer 1 public blockchain platform, today announced the launch of its groundbreaking Digital Credentials platform, ushering in a new era of secure, convenient, and interoperable credentials verification. This innovative solution addresses the challenges of traditional paper-based credentials, offering a range of benefits that will transform the way individuals, organisations, and governments interact in the digital realm.