Fully on-chain gaming: How Web3Games.com is transforming the space with W3Gamez Network

Blockchain gaming has embarked on its journey since 2014 with the launch of Huntercoin to test the potential of integrating blockchain technology with games. After nearly ten years of exploration, blockchain games are looking more and more like advanced prototypes of traditional games: the gameplay loops are not just about grinding, and the graphics are much more eye-catching. However, crypto gaming remains...

NiftyKit Integration with Base Empowers Innovators and Creators with No-Code, Free NFT Creation

Today, NiftyKit, the renowned no-code NFT platform, announced its integration with Base, the Ethereum L2 incubated by Coinbase. NiftyKit makes it easy to create and sell NFTs with no-code smart contracts. This integration with Base not only amplifies the creative potential for artists by providing a more scalable and efficient blockchain platform, but also enhances the experience for creators and collectors through...

MONSTRO'S DEGENZ! Aims to Make DeFi Fun AND Profitable Again Through Transparency and Innovation

Since its launch on December 27th, 2023, MONSTRO'S DEGENZ!, the latest addition to Monstro's Universe, has created a significant buzz in the DeFi space and taken in an astounding $1.1M USD in BNB deposits. Renowned for upending traditional approaches, DEGENZ! turns the promise of "too good to be true" daily passive income (2-6%!) into a sustainable reality, steering clear of the problems that have plagued similar ventures.

Microvisionchain announce MVC-20: The first protocol for free-minting assets on the bitcoin sidechain

As we journey through 2023, the blockchain industry is buzzing with excitement, particularly the BRC-20 token market, led by the innovative Ordinals protocol. Moving forward, in 2024, the surge in market demand has ignited a quest for more efficient blockchain functionality, lower gas fees, and simplified operations. The market is also yearning for a fair competition environment for all participants. 

Nuvo unveils Nuscription: Revolutionizing blockchain trading

In the dynamic world of blockchain technology, Nuvo has indelibly marked its presence with the successful launch of Nuscription, a pioneering Ethscription platform within the Metis ecosystem. Since its introduction, Nuscription has not just met but surpassed expectations, establishing itself as a pivotal force in blockchain innovation.

HTX Pi Network: The Mobile-First Crypto Revolutionizing Mining and Trading

In collaboration with Pi Network, HTX Exchange aims to provide our users with unparalleled opportunities in the evolving realm of decentralized finance. As a leading platform committed to empowering our community, we are excited to share how Pi Network is shaping the future of mining and trading, making cryptocurrency accessible to everyone.

Upgrading Global Payment Experience - Grineo Integrates Fiat and Digital Currencies

Grineo, the FinTech startup that aims to introduce digital currencies to the physical world, announced the launch of its highly-anticipated "debit card & wallet App" exclusively in Australia by early 2024, as reported by the Crypto News Australia agency. The app and card allow users to store and trade digital currencies as well as spending them like cash in stores or withdrawing as cash from ATMs, bringing much-needed adoption to the world of digital currencies.