Post Bitcoin Halving: Scarcity Sparking Next Bull Run?

Occurring approximately every four years, Bitcoin's upcoming halving in April 2024 will reduce its new issuance rate by 50% overnight. With miners rewards slashed while coin scarcity spikes, the stage appears set for the next supply-shock bull market. Or does it? Reviewing history, significant appreciation has followed every halving event. Both 2012 and 2016 saw minor initial dips before torrential uptrends kicking off the most parabolic rallies ever — new highs up to 8,800% above prior peaks. And 2020 played out similarly, with values exploding 548% post-halving.

Zeko Labs Announces $3 Million in Funding to Propel Development of Zeko Protocol

Zeko Labs, a pioneering blockchain company realizing the vision of a world powered by zero-knowledge technology, announces the successful completion of a $3 million pre-seed funding round from a consortium of early-stage investors. This funding will accelerate the development and deployment of the Zeko Protocol, a cross-chain zero-knowledge scaling protocol built on Mina and designed for the next generation of developers shaping the future of finance, AI, gaming, and the internet.