Cyberscoope & Ledger Works partner to deliver full life-cycle risk management for Web3

Now, more than ever, Web3 business require comprehensive risk management to elevate trust and meet the emerging regulatory requirements of blockchain technologies. With this in mind, Cyberscope, Smart Contract Audits, is partnering with Ledger Works (“LWorks”) RiskOps-as-a-Service to provide comprehensive life-cycle risk management capabilities to address the development, launch and operations of Web3 businesses

The Itheum Data Ownership Protocol is now open for Everyone

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Web3 and decentralized technologies, one of the persistent challenges has been establishing trust and accountability among participants. With the rise of blockchain and cryptocurrency, public transparency is crucial, but it raises concerns about identity verification and malicious behavior. Bad actors, through data manipulation, scams, or fraud, can significantly impact community...

Cerus Markets Launches MetaTrader 5, Offering Enhanced Trading Capabilities and a 100% Deposit Bonus

Cerus Markets, a pioneering multi-asset trading platform known for its innovative approach to combining cryptocurrency trading with traditional financial instruments, is excited to announce the launch of MetaTrader 5 (MT5) on its platform. This strategic move is aimed at providing traders with advanced trading tools, superior analytical capabilities, and access to a wider range of financial markets, including unique crypto-traditional pairings.

LeapX Unveils Trustless Cross-Chain Era with RGB++: The First Bitcoin Cross-Protocol Asset Leap Tool

With the rise of protocols like Ordinals, Runes, RGB++, Stamp, Atomicals, and PIPE, the Bitcoin network has seen a proliferation of diverse assets, paving the way for innovative applications and commercial scenarios. However, due to underdeveloped and limited asset creation, Bitcoin native assets struggle to achieve efficient and secure interoperability, significantly hindering capital utilization and large-scale commercial adoption.

ETmeta platform version 1.0 is officially launched

Recently, ETmeta platform version 1.0 is officially launched. Mr. Alexander Smith, CEO of the ETmeta platform, unveiled a brand-new model for sports participation, allowing every sports enthusiast the opportunity to enjoy the games while earning substantial economic benefits.

Wirex Announces Groundbreaking Node Sale for Wirex Pay

Wirex is thrilled to announce the launch of the Node Sale for Wirex Pay, its much-anticipated payment ZK (Zero Knowledge) Chain. This revolutionary event represents a significant leap forward in decentralizing payment infrastructure, inviting the global community to participate in shaping the future of payments.

Exploring the boundless potential of Metaverse as a service in PCO Metaverse

In the ever-evolving landscape of gaming and digital experiences, the concept of the metaverse has emerged as a revolutionary paradigm, offering a virtual realm where users can interact, create, and explore limitless possibilities. At the forefront of this transformative trend is PCO Metaverse, a pioneering platform that is redefining the gaming experience through its innovative approach to Metaverse as a Service (MaaS).

Thetan World Launches The Airdrop Event: Prize Pool Of 10,000 USDT

Thetan World is a Web3 Gaming Platform developed by Wolffun Game, the studio behind the successful game Thetan Arena. Building on this success, Wolffun launched Thetan World to expand the GameFi world. With Thetan Gate, Wolffun Game aims to provide management tools for investors and guide new users to the blockchain world, particularly the Play-to-earn mechanism.

VoIP Finance Exceeds Expectations, Reveals Advanced Roadmap Early

VoIP Finance, a leading innovator in blockchain-powered Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions, announced the early release of its advanced project roadmap following a series of successful presales that have significantly excel expectations. This early reveal underscores VoIP Finance’s commitment to transparency and its determination to maintain momentum in revolutionizing the telecommunications industry.

Fluid Tokens Launch First Dex for Runes

FluidTokens is proud to pioneer the first decentralized exchange (DEX) tailored specifically for Runes. FluidTokens, a Swiss-based company, is at the forefront of transforming traditional finance through permissionless DeFi solutions. With a focus on UTXO blockchains like Bitcoin and Cardano, FluidTokens offers a diverse range of innovative financial services that empower users to leverage their assets securely and transparently.