PAX Gold: Growing Market Cap, Liquidity and Trading Venues

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The spot price of gold has increased more than 20% since a year ago, making many traders and investors interested in owning the asset. And we've seen growing interest in our own token, PAX Gold - the biggest and fastest-growing gold-backed token with a market cap of more than $15.75 million. We just minted our 25th gold bar - which means there are 25 full 400-oz London Good Delivery gold bars in a Brinks vault in London backing the 10,000+ outstanding PAXG tokens.
PAX Gold is the easiest way to own and trade the highest-quality physical gold stored in London vaults. With PAX Gold, you own the underlying physical gold, which is unlike gold Futures, ETFs or unallocated gold. 
PAX Gold customers can take advantage of a dynamic market environment by tapping into our growing partner ecosystem.
  • Buy & Hold - Get PAXG directly on the Paxos platform by purchasing it for USD, PAX, BUSD or unallocated gold. Hold it in the Paxos wallet or secure it with BitGo, a leader in institutional-grade crypto custody.  
  • Borrow & Lend - Use your PAXG as collateral on Nexo, which allows customers to borrow and lend their PAXG while earning interest. And starting today, you’ll be able to use PAXG as collateral on FTX, the leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchange built by traders, for traders.
  • Trade - Trade your PAXG against USD, EUR, ETH and XBT on Kraken. Or, access the perpetual futures, quarterly futures and spot gold markets with PAXG on FTX.
  • Redeem - Use PAXG to redeem full, 400-oz gold bars through Paxos or go to AlphaBullion, where customers can exchange anywhere between a gram and a kilo of PAXG for physical gold.
As demand for PAX Gold continues to grow, our ecosystem continues to grow. Whether you are a first-time buyer, an active trader, a long-term gold investor, or hoping to put your gold investment to work, there are solutions for everyone. 


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