Celsius Network Partners with TrustToken to Offer High Interest Income on TGBP TAUD TCAD THKD TUSD Stablecoins

Celsius Network (https://celsius.network/), the industry-leading cryptocurrency interest income platform, announces today it has added support for four new stablecoins from TrustToken (https://www.trusttoken.com), one of the leading global stablecoin providers. The Celsius Network platform now pays up to 10% APR on 10 different stablecoins pegged to stable currencies around the world.
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Tourcom LLC, Holding Company of Tourcom Blockchain, Signs Strategic Investment Agreement through Equity Acquisition of Travel Information Sharing Service 'Wishbeen'

Tourcom LLC (CEO Bae Kyun Park), the parent company of Tourcom Blockchain, announced on October, 15th, it had entered into a strategic investment agreement with Wishbeen (CEO Dong-Doo Park), South Korea's largest travel information sharing service platform, through equity acquisition of Wishbeen. The agreement is to develop high-quality travel data, accelerate platform development, and expand the token ecosystem of Tourcom Blockchain, a customized travel platform that combines Blockchain and AI.
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Europe's Most Trusted Crypto And Precious Metal Companies Partner To Create Gold Token Secured By Bitcoin Network

A consortium comprising CoinShares, Europe's Largest Digital Asset Manager, Blockchain, the leading provider of cryptocurrency products including the World's most popular crypto wallet, and MKS (Switzerland) SA, part of the world's most trusted gold group, today announced that after two years in development, it has launched the DGLD network with more than $20M in gold digitized. DGLD is a digital asset (token) representing allocated physical gold stored in a Swiss vault and tokenized with a side-chain built on the Bitcoin network.
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Marshal Lion Group Will Tokenize Non-bank Lending Market

Marshal Lion Group will allow to invest into products in a dedicated platform, which are based on actual non-bank loans granted to companies and individual clients. The Marshal Lion team's project will enable both large-format and smaller investors to obtain direct and potentially exceptionally profitable access to the industry. A good point is that project pays really serious attention to Arab region.
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RockItCoin Installs Its 200th Bitcoin Kiosk in Partnership with the Blockchain Institute

RockItCoin, one of the nation's largest bitcoin kiosk operators, partnered with the Blockchain Institute to install its 200th cryptocurrency kiosk, located at 4649 N Broadway inside the Hackhaus co-working space. "This installation marks yet another milestone in our company's growth," said Michael Dalesandro, CEO and founder of RockItCoin (www.rockitcoin.com). "After installing machines across the country, it means a lot to install our 200th one in Chicago, where we started the company."
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NexChange Group partners with Horton Point to launch Nexyst, an institutional marketplace for digital currency asset managers

Asia-based blockchain venture firm, NexChange Group, announced a partnership with New York alternative investment firm, Horton Point, to launch a state-of-the-art marketplace for the institutional digital asset management industry. The Nexyst platform will provide seamless access to a broad range of professionally managed actively-traded crypto strategies and passive investment solutions. Nexyst will debut its initial offering in October 2019.
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Reddcoin Announces Rollout of New Enhanced Proof of Stake Velocity Protocol to Bolster Network Growth and Stability

Reddcoin (RDD), the original social network cryptocurrency coin, is proud to announce the rollout of PoSV v2, the latest revision of its latest proof of stake velocity protocol, to provide enhanced network growth stability, strengthen staking incentives, and provide funding support for development teams. Reddcoin expects the fork to activate at block 3 million of the RDD blockchain, scheduled for end-October 2019.
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Blockchain: Global Investment Analysis

The rising demand for faster and more secure transactions along with full transparency has made blockchain one of the fastest growing technology markets in the world.Banks and technology providers are investing heavily in R&D activity related to verifying and recording finance transactions. Also, major US technology companies such as IBM, Microsoft, and startup innovators are developing blockchain-based services and applications, thereby driving the global blockchain market.
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Apollo Foundation Launches Decentralized Exchange With Atomic Swaps

Apollo Foundation is announcing the launch of Apollo Decentralized Exchange (DEX), a proprietary software package for the exchange of digital assets in peer-to-peer networks. The beta version features atomic swaps, which is smart contract technology that enables the exchange of different cryptocurrencies without the need for intermediaries or third parties. Unlike traditional exchanges, Apollo DEX does not have a central entity or guarantor of transactions.
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