Nucleus Vision Launches Global Identity and Consent (GIDC) Blockchain Network

Nucleus Vision, an IoT & Blockchain technology company serving the retail industry, launches GIDC (Global Identity and Consent) blockchain network for consent-based data access management. The private multi-node blockchain network gives power to users to control who can access their data. Nucleus Vision announces the launch of this network at Genesis DevCon, a blockchain conference held in Bangalore, India, on 24 & 25 November.

Ripple Makes Investment in MoneyGram Equity to Complete Original Investment Commitment, Expansion of On-Demand Liquidity Accelerated

MoneyGram (NASDAQ: MGI), a global provider of innovative money transfer services, today announced that Ripple, a provider of leading enterprise blockchain solutions for global payments, has made the final $20 million investment in MoneyGram equity pursuant to Ripple's original $50 million equity investment commitment made earlier this year. Ripple purchased the newly-issued equity from MoneyGram at $4.10 per share, which represents a significant premium to MoneyGram's current market price.

Blockchain Has "Much More to Offer", Suggests Lufax's Jun Lu at East Tech West

"The true potential of blockchain is more exciting by far than that of cryptocurrencies," said Jun Lu, head of Lufax Technology Center, at CNBC's East Tech West conference in the Nansha district of Guangzhou, China. When people talk about blockchain, Lu ventured, they are often only thinking cryptocurrencies. "Cryptocurrency is but one application of the blockchain technology, which in comparison has vastly more untapped potential and considerably more value to offer," considered Lu.

Global Blockchain Report, 2019: Cryptocurrency and the Future of Monetary Policy - Outlines the Vast and As-of-Yet Untapped Potential of Blockchain Technology

The "Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and the Future of Monetary Policy - 2019 Report" report has been added to's offering. The rise of cryptocurrencies offers an important perspective on the successes and the failures of monetary policy, as we detail in our report. Cryptocurrency seems to offer the promise of currency secure from compromise, safe from manipulation by financial institutions and increasing in value at a rapid pace. But, does it really?

It's Official: TradeStation® Crypto Launch Announced

TradeStation Crypto, Inc., a subsidiary of TradeStation Group, Inc., today announced the launch of its crypto brokerage platform, TradeStation Crypto. TradeStation Crypto believes it will be the first crypto offering which uses the true online brokerage model that self-directed traders have come to expect for equities, options, futures and foreign currency markets.

Multi-Collateral Dai Launches and Introduces the Dai Savings Rate

MakerDAO, the protocol behind Dai, the world's first decentralized stablecoin built on the Ethereum blockchain and the leading stablecoin of decentralized finance, today enabled Multi-Collateral Dai (MCD). In a vote held November 15, MKR holders approved the addition of the Basic Attention Token (BAT), opening the door to countless additional collateral types in the future.

Blockchain & Music: Global Streaming Service Issues Coin on Minter, Accepts for Payments

The Minter Development Foundation announces that FLAT.FM, an electronic music streaming service that brings together artists and listeners from all over the world, issued its own cryptocurrency on the Minter network under the name "FLATCOIN." Aside from accepting FLATCOIN for payments and offering a 50-percent discount on the subscription plans, the platform also aims to start paying all authors a certain fee each time someone listens to one of their mixes.

USDT-Margined Futures Live on OKEx

OKEx, the world's largest futures cryptocurrency exchange, today announced the launch of USDT-Margined Futures. After a successful simulation beginning November 5, 2019, BTC/USDT Futures Contracts officially went live today (November 14) on OKEx futures market. Served as a virtual derivative product that is quoted and settled in digital token USDT, BTC/USDT contract has a face value of 0.0001 BTC.

Integrated Ventures Expects To Release Positive Earnings Of 0.01 Cent Vs Loss of (0.18) Cents For Q1 Of 2020

Integrated Ventures Inc, (OTCQB: INTV) ("Company") is pleased to announce that financial results for period ending 09/30/2019 (Q1/2020), will be released after the market close, on 11/14/2019, by filing Form 10Q with SEC. Steve Rubakh, CEO of Integrated Ventures, Inc, adds the following commentary: «The company had safely navigated through turbulent times by securing competitive power pricing and cutting out most of traditional operational expenses».