DigitalBits Blockchain Launches The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation App In Order To support Its Environmental Missions

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation App, built on the DigitalBits blockchain, allows benefactors to make donations in DigitalBits cryptocurrency and to purchase NFT tickets to select events, but also to support various FPA2 projects dedicated to ocean conservation, the protection of emblematic species and the promotion of sustainable development. DigitalBits is fast and eco-friendly compared to many other blockchains.
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TRON’s Mission to Create an Internet for All, Defining Decentralization

Geneva, Switzerland / July 27 / – TRON was established in 2017 with the vision to decentralize the web, and it has aligned its mission to follow that purpose over the last five years. For most blockchains, decentralization is a central theme. It’s a form of administration that delegates power to individuals; as a result, users are able to contribute to and own a piece of the network.
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Tezro Announces New Initiative Which Allows Users To Exchange USTC For TezroST

As per the latest announcement by Tezro, USTC token holders will be given the chance to exchange USTC for TezroST, which is the Tezro shopping token backed by Tether. The rate shall be $1 per USTC token and the new feature will also only be available via the official app. All the users need to do to use this new feature is download the app and look for the TezroST icon. If they possess any USTC tokens, they can easily exchange them for TezroST, a shopping token that can be utilized to pay for all sorts of goods and services in online stores through the Tezro Swift API.
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TRON DAO Announces New Grants Program to Foster Growth of Overall Ecosystem

Geneva, Switzerland / July 25 / – TRON DAO is thrilled to announce its Developer, Community Ambassador, and Influencer Grant Programs to BUIDLers on the TRON network. As one of the largest DAOs, TRON is always looking for new opportunities to grow its ecosystem and further engage its vibrant global community. The Community Ambassador Grant Program will encourage a gateway between the DAO and multiple dedicated TRON friends and families to expand the TRON ecosystem. With a quarterly grant allocation of $30,000, the program will cultivate relationships between the DAO and established Ambassadors actively engaged within the TRON Community.
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The Most Promising Energy-Referenced Cryptocurrency of 2022 Debut Into East Asia's Crypto Market

The DigiFinex exchange, which has a daily trading volume of around 1 billion USD and is recognized as one of the highest profile exchanges by CoinMarketCap, announced the listing of the NDB token. The price of the NDB token skyrocketed following its continued presale on the Nyyu exchange, which drew a lot of attention from the crypto community, including other platforms. Nonetheless, NDB tokens are still available on Nyyu at a set discounted price, although they have a 6-month lock-up term. As a result, NDB's large fan base may now trade the currency pair with USDT. Additional trading pairs will be released in the near future.
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TRON DAO Reserve Addresses Questions Regarding USDD Stablecoin

Geneva, Switzerland / July 21 / – The TRON DAO Reserve (TDR) has officially answered some frequently asked questions from the community about USDD, the decentralized over-collateralized stablecoin on TRON. The USDD stablecoin is currently the most over-collateralized stablecoin across the entire cryptocurrency market. The core mission of USDD is to provide the blockchain world with a decentralized cryptocurrency of stable value. USDD represents true decentralization across the stablecoin market. Other stablecoins such as USDC or USDT are pegged to a central platform’s U.S. dollar (USD) reserves. By nature, the fundamentals of USDC and USDT are considered centralized stablecoins with strict supervision by regulators worldwide.
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Monopoly Millionaire Game Raised $1 Million in Seed Funding

Monopoly Millionaire Game, a marine-themed GameFi that involves island construction, cultivating, shooting and more, announced that it has completed a seed funding of 1 million US Dollar. By this round of funding, MMG was valued at 10 million US Dollar. Mirana Ventures led the seed funding round. Other notable investors included Kernel Ventures, Mint Ventures, Crypto J, and Ventorylabs.
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ECO Cashew is set to close a 23.5 Million Euro Multi-year Cashew off-take agreement with a major European Food Group while preparing for their ISPO event

The need for projects with real-life use cases has been a major topic for discussion in the blockchain ecosystem. This is because these projects can directly impact lives, change the narrative around cryptocurrencies and massively drive their adoption among everyday people. More than ever, we’ve seen an increase in the number of these projects, each focused on improving different aspects of human experiences using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency as a tool. An example of such is EcoCashew, a fast-rising project combining the world of charity, blockchain, and mechanization to impact the life of Cashew farmers in Africa.
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Black is Beautiful NFT Announces NBA All-Star Bam Adebayo as a Founding Collaborator

Black is Beautiful, an NFT project by House of First and The Painted House, today announced that Bam Adebayo (Miami Heat Center, NBA All-Star, and Philanthropist) will be joining the project as a Founding Collaborator with a focus on uplifting creators of color across the Web3 space and beyond. This collection of 1,000 one-of-one masterpiece NFTs was created by Florida-based artist Nick Davis and portrays a stunning depiction of the raw emotions of Black Americans navigating both the joys and struggles of everyday life in America.
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Hxro Network Launches Derivatives Alpha on Solana Mainnet

Hxro Network ("Hxro"), a fully composable, on-chain derivatives primitive that provides core exchange, risk and settlement infrastructure, today announced it has launched the alpha version of its derivatives marketplace onto the Solana mainnet. Hxro Network provides key primitive layer infrastructure for the exchange, risk, margin and settlement of derivatives including perps, futures and options.  It is built on the Solana blockchain.
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