Hodlnaut Launches a Season of Giving Campaign to Celebrate the Holidays

Hodlnaut launches an exclusive Season of Giving campaign from 25 November 2021 to 2 January 2022 to celebrate the festive season. Singapore, November 25, 2021 – Hodlnaut, a Singapore-based crypto interest-earning platform, has just launched an exclusive Season of Giving campaign to celebrate the holiday season. The campaign comprises 3 exciting programs where both new and existing users can earn upsized bonuses and rewards.
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Centaurify & The Music Industry Revolution

The pandemic has left many industries in ruins—including the music & performing industry. And it should not come as a surprise to anyone as many sectors were already in shambles and required restructuring in order to thrive once again. The issue that was and still is plaguing the music & performing industry long before the pandemic arrived, was the same as in many other industries—an abundance of middlemen and predatory organizations that sought to maximize profits at the expense of the industry’s sustainability and prosperity.
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WITTY is Building the DeFi Remittance Platform to Become the Crypto Gateway For Africa

WITTY is a fully indigenous African Blockchain FinTech Provider built on the Binance Smart Chain focused on developing Products & Services with the aim of creating a Value Chain in the Decentralized Finance Ecosystem [ DeFi ]. The Vision of WITTY is to play the major role in breaking the third world fence by leveraging Permissionless and Trustless Technologies. The Mission is to Onboard Africa into the Crypto space one step at a time.
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MoneyTree: The P2E NFT GameFi & DeFi Platform You Must Watch Out For

The Non-Fungible Token aka NFTs have become one of the most popular use cases to come out of the crypto world this year. Almost every mainstream brand and celebrity have got involved with NFTs this bull season, however, the NFT ecosystem has evolved a long way from its early days of tokenizing art and celebrity memorabilias. NFT projects are now combining the best of two worlds i.e the video games and cryptocurrencies. Users get to play the game while winning valuable tokens in return that can be exchanged or traded on mainstream platforms. However, most of the projects being launched today are either outright bad or just trying to milk on the trend, as most of these P2E games lack variety and engrossing gameplay, while many others turn out to be outright scams due to the heavy centralization in the project. However, a new P2E NFT gaming project MoneyTree has taken a different approach.
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CoinGecko Joins the RFOX VALT as a Marquee Client as It Enters the Metaverse

25 November 2021 18:00 Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh (RFOX)—Today, metaverse company RFOX (RedFOX Labs) announced its plans to welcome CoinGecko to its virtual world, the RFOX VALT, as a Marquee Client. The RFOX VALT, a virtual world focused on shopping, retail, and entertainment experiences, will introduce CoinGecko to the metaverse space and offer its users, community, and clients a chance to interact with its products and services in virtual reality (VR).
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That Startup Show First Show of its Kind in the Metaverse

That Startup Show, Australia's premiere startup webseries and podcast, released a new season on blockchain video streamer ThetaTV, opening with an interview aboard a 'virtual spaceship' with Randi Zuckerberg on the 'changing story of entrepreneurship', who later tweeted about her 'first interview in the metaverse', further defining what's possible for the future of live streaming in the next iteration of the metaverse.
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SpaceSeven to Launch a Game-changing NFT Marketplace

Switzerland, Zug, 24.11.2021: SpaceSeven — one of the few — if not the only scaled e-commerce, fully regulatory compliant NFT marketplace is expected to launch on November 23, 2021. The groundbreaking platform is built by Tacans, a Swiss-based Software development house, and Venture Builder, with an R&D center in Ukraine, on the Concordium blockchain platform. According to SpaceSeven, this allows the marketplace to significantly lower gas fees — to literally a fraction of the cost of Ethereum or other proof-of-work protocols, however, with transaction speeds that are ten times faster.
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Cosmos Group Holdings Inc. Announced Third Quarter Financial Results, with New Coinllectibles Business Performance Taking Off

Cosmos Group Holding Inc. (OTC: COSG) announced its third quarter financial results, for the nine months ended 30 September, 2021.  The group has reported net revenues of $5,510,344 for the first nine months of 2021, increased from net revenues of $3,414,244 for the nine month of 2020.  In the last three months ended 30 September, 2021, the group's net revenues were $2,282,399.
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NFT Marketplace Niftify Announces Initial Exchange Offering of $NIFT Tokens with Gate.io, Launches New NFT Auction Feature for Niftify Users

Within the Niftify ecosystem, $NIFT tokens are native utility tokens and used to incentivize actions across the system. $NIFT allows users to receive discounts when paying fees. Users only pay 2.5% in fees instead of 5% when paying with other cryptocurrencies or fiat. Additionally, $NIFT token balances grant varying levels of access to exclusive features, including early access to new  drops, premium custom profiles, and entry to "members-only" areas.
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