TradeLink: new opportunities for traders

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The share of the cryptocurrency trading market is steadily growing every year. The increase in volume certainly makes this segment quite attractive for work But, certain risks should also be kept in mind. First of all, the market has high volatility and also a large number of fraudsters are present in it.

For these reasons, many, especially inexperienced investors, often fall prey to scammers who seem to be efficient traders. At the same time, it is quite difficult to assess their real level of profitability. This leads to the fact that the investor is deprived not only of money but sometimes the very desire to work in this area in the future.

To help traders and investors to cooperate effectively the TradeLink platform was developed. The basic idea is that the service analyzes and systematizes data from different profiles of crypto traders in real-time and as a result provides independent confirmation of trading performance. This will allow potential investors to get confirmation of a trader's reliability before they start working with him.

The effectiveness of the platform is based on its rating system, using all available data on the platform. TradeLink automatically presents the best traders by various parameters (profitability, risk level of trades, deposits, etc.). The actual mechanism of choosing a trader and the investment process is completely transparent and regulated only by the service itself.

TradeLink verifies managers. It conducts an analysis of their profitability based on complex data on transactions and KYC. This then allows investors to find a trader in the rating quite easily and invest with him. The entire process of selecting the necessary trader and investing is automated.

As for the traders - for the convenience of their work, the arsenal of TradeLink has a sufficient number of effective tools and more than 25 indicators for trade analysis. A detailed history log of all trades will also be available soon. The development and support team is constantly working on further improving the platform. Thus, it was recently added the ability to share your results through a public link, or add as a widget to your website.

To give traders additional incentives, tournaments are regularly held on the TradeLink platform, where everyone can join and compete for prizes and additional achievements.

Today, TradeLink allows you to work with four major cryptocurrency exchanges, such as:
  • Binance;
  • BitMex;
  • FTX;
  • ByBit.
But the startup does not stop there and continues to work to cover as many of the top sites on the market as possible, including trending DeFi projects.

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