What are NFT-games and is it possible to make money on them?

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If you don't know about them yet, you'll definitely hear about them soon – NFT games are now developing on a par with crypto-art, and users are spending millions of dollars on in-game purchases. NFT games are growing very fast. Of course, it's growing when there's a real opportunity to get money even just for the time spent in the game itself. You get real tokens, cryptocurrency, and then you can convert it into regular money, withdraw it, or invest it further! Also, these game tokens are constantly increasing in value!

Game tokens = real investments?
NFT games are an investment tool, an alternative to traditional forms of saving money. The simplest mechanic of making money from such games, as well as from other investments, is to buy an asset and sell it at a higher price after some time. 

However, in the case of NFT games, users can not only invest their money in the purchase of assets, but also start from scratch without investing, and by performing various actions to develop their character. Over time, his value will increase. 

In addition, almost every game has mechanics that allow you to earn bonuses – drawings of tokens within the game, competitions, which can also generate income.

How to start without money?
What is great about playing NFT games is that you can start earning money without initial investments. Further we will introduce a new action-packed NFT RPG powered by BNB Chain – Drunk Robots. There are free mini games for those who want to try playing before buying something in the game.

All you need to start playing is Metamask wallet, Connected BNB Chain (see instructions) and some $METAL. You can find it on Pancakeswap or Gate.io. The token is on BNB Chain and has the following address: 0x200C234721b5e549c3693CCc93cF191f90dC2aF9.

How to play Free Mini Games in Drunk Robots?
In Drunk Robots you will find two easy mini games: Ninja and Knockout. They will take you to Los Machines – a city where there are no humans, but there are robot gangs, lots of weapons and booze.

The rules are pretty simple – compete with other players and win the top positions of the Leaderboard. Every Monday top players receive $METAL, and Leaderboard resets to zero.

What are the other ways of making money?
When you try to play free mini games, you would probably want to test yourself in more serious competitions and activities.

Join PVP Arena
PVP Arena is the place where you can be a part of a furious battle. The winners, as always, receive tons of $METAL, pretty girl-robots and liters of beer. To participate in a battle you need to gather a gang of 6 robots. 

To start playing you need at least one robot, which can be found on the secondary market or buy a box and see if you have a rare, epic or legendary robot. You can also check the whole collection or find more about the matchmaking here to choose the right robot.

For each fight you need to create a formation which has 6 slots. Players can start only with one slot. To unlock the other ones you need to purchase them. It is important because the line of formation provides certain boosts to the robot's parameters. Frontline – Melee weapons get a DMG bonus, Backline – Range weapons get DMG bonus. The parameters of the robots could be checked here.

The amount of $METAL you will earn depends on the division which your robot is in. Each division contains robots with a certain rating and defines the hash power of the formation in it that sets your farming speed. The estimated ROI for one common robot is around 117 $METAL/per day, so you can earn 3 510 $METAL in one month which is 175 usd now!

Participate in Drunk Races
When or if you are tired of fighting – join Drunk Races, it is so much fun! To start playing you will need one robot and one cart, when you get the robot follow the link and mint your cart.

If you are good at racing we expect you to win 1st, 2nd or 3rd place which will bring you 80 $METAL 40 $METAL or 20 $METAL. On average you can earn 120 $METAL daily  with one common cart, which is 3 600 $METAL per month and equals around 162 USD.

Each race decreases the level of energy for your cart so you have around 10 races per day for one cart. Each cart has certain mileage limitations, once you reach them – you will need to upgrade your cart with a toolkit to continue racing. 

Start Scavenging
What if you are not in the mood for either racing or fighting? Start Scavenging – it is a regular staking for your robot NFT. In this case you will not be able to make $METAL in it.

Craving to earn some money? We know how it feels! Don'’ wait and start playing Drunk Robots with all that variety of in-game activities. If you have any questions of need extra details, don't hesitate to contact the official game sources.

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