Launches Free Crypto Market Data CSV File Delivery

News provided by PRCrypto, a provider of crypto market capitalization and pricing data, has added free CSV download functionality to its website. Visitors to have always been able to view cryptocurrency, exchange, and markets data in the timeframe and quote currency of their choice, but now that information can be downloaded as a spreadsheet for use by analysts, researchers, and investors using tools like Microsoft Excel, R, Python, and Statistica.

Effective today, CSV downloads are available on Nomics' market cap index (homepage), cryptocurrency exchange index, and each individual cryptoasset, exchange, and markets page – any page or tab with a yellow "Free CSV" button.

To download market cap, pricing, and volume data for all cryptocurrencies, click the "Free CSV" button on For individual cryptoassets – for example, on the Litecoin price page – there are CSV download buttons on the Markets and Historical Data tabs. For trading pairs (e.g. ETH/BTC), choose Markets or historical OHLCV data.

For cryptocurrency exchanges, there are CSVs in two places. Visitors can click the "Free CSV" button on the main index and download market or coverage data for all exchanges. For individual exchanges – Deribit for example – CSVs are available on the Markets tab. 

Wherever applicable, the date range (Day, Week, Month, Year, YTD) and quote currency (any fiat or cryptocurrency) can be customized before clicking the yellow "Free CSV" button.

"We look forward to sharing these CSVs with crypto investors, journalists, researchers, or anyone who requires transparent cryptoasset pricing and exchange information," said Nomics CEO Clay Collins. "A lot of folks are charging for this kind of data. We're happy to make it available for free (hopefully forever)."

For those who require more robust and customizable data solutions, Nomics offers a free and paid API for cryptoasset, exchange, and markets data.

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