MT Crypto for Beginners and not only: Tips and Basics

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TOP Tips, Wallets, and Concentrated Info about Crypto Dealings

If you have lost among the variety of sources dedicated to cryptos, this article is a brief summary of all points you should pay attention to at the start. Basics, tips, tested approaches, and TOP wallets (BitMarket Network -  the best crypto wallet to buy , Exodus, Trezor, etc.) – everything you may need to form a clear picture in your mind and continue your searches.

Crypto Currency for Beginners: Basics to Know for the Start

If you have already started to research about cryptos or even have some minor assets, these tips may help you:
●        Keep in mind that high volatility characterizes all operations with cryptos.
●        Apart from making deep researches, monitoring news, it is also necessary to rely on the expert advice of people who practice in this area… and also turn on your intuition.
●        The starting points you need to think about are the types of cryptos you are going to deal with, storage, and security of such.
●        Read a lot about already tested and winning strategies you can apply to succeed too.
●        Always have first-hand information about market development and trends.

Best Tips How to Sell Cryptocurrency

Need brief but to-the-point advice if you are dreaming about high results?
●        Be clear about your goals
●        Make short-term and long-term plans
●        Track all your transactions and make reviews
●        Don't be afraid to risk if you notice favorable conditions for earnings
●        (!) Bet with only those things you are ready to lose

Things to Know While Choosing a Wallet

If you decide to carry out transactions with crypto, it is necessary to choose a crypto wallet and pay attention to the next characteristics:
●        Interface
●        Number of cryptocurrencies it can deal with
●        Authentication
●        Source code
●        Security

There are many types of wallets. We will emphasize the most important pairs you need to know about for the start. For instance, a hot wallet is designated to store cryptos on a device with direct Internet access. That is less secure compared with a cold wallet where your private keys are stored offline all the time. Wallets also may be a custodian one and for exchange. They can also be multicurrency and work with single crypto. Need more examples? Here is a brief list of good options to consider.

TOP 5 Crypto Wallets to Pay Attention to

BitMarket Network
This crypto wallet is one of the best for beginners. It is at its alpha stage of development and improves all the time. The project has managed to create a reliable cross-platform (Android, iOS / Mac OS X / Win / Linux), multilanguage, and multi-currency (Litecoin, Bitcoin, and others) crypto wallet. It is secured with two-factor authentication and is open-source in nature. The risks of access from third parties to passwords and all details are decreased nearly to zero, even developers don't have such access. This makes this option the best crypto wallet we suggest both new and experienced users try directly at

This is another good option that will suit beginners. The wallet is simple to use for the Desktop and it is also multi-currency. There is only one drawback – the absence of two-factor authentication. The source code of this wallet is closed at the moment.

This hardware wallet is easy to use and enables free storage and trading of 500+ coins. It has two-factor authentication and is available for Mac, Linux, and Windows.

Bitcoin Core
The wallet is one of the most convenient for the storage of coins. It is anonymous and has several language options.

This is a reliable wallet that ensures multi-factor security. It enables transactions with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. The wallet is reliable in terms of payment and perfectly suits beginners because of its friendly interface.

Final Words

Decide on your priorities and goals while dealing with cryptos, research info that can help (the more you know – the better it is), choose your trading strategy and don't forget about safe storage of coins. Save this list for future reviews.

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