Next Earth's Exciting New Roadmap is Creating Strength in a Bear Market

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t's no secret that the crypto market has been bearish for the past several months. Prices have plummeted and many projects have been forced to abandon their plans and exit the market entirely. However, one project that has not only withstood the bear market, but actually thrived during this time, is Next Earth.

Next Earth is a virtual replica of our planet that runs on the blockchain. It's a completely new type of metaverse that allows users to own their own land, create digital assets, and participate in the governance of the world.

New Roadmap
What's even more impressive is that Next Earth has continued to build and expand during the bear market. Their existing roadmap includes exciting features like growing their DAO for land utility and governance, expanding their launchpad, and partnerships with innovative projects.

By the end of July, users will be able to create an account and log in with their crypto wallet; no email address necessary. An improved user experience and user interface in August will make it easier to buy land, supporting greater adoption, and by August, tiles will start generating units.

Next Earth is also expanding their POI (point-of-interest) database to find exciting new metaverse locations. By October, the project will offer staking and major updates to their platform-as-a-service. These are just some of the exciting updates in store.

Next Earth Round II
Next Earth's first round of marketing efforts was so successful that they are now launching Round II of their campaign. This time, they are focusing on using NXTT to reach an even wider audience.

Through an omnichannel marketing campaign, Next Earth will share the second chance for people in the community and their friends to load up NXTT at a near-presale price. The campaign will integrate NXTT into their marketing efforts, which will include community-driven events, influencers, PR, buybacks, advertising, and more.

This push for adoption will help Next Earth continue to grow and thrive, even in the midst of a bear market. By integrating NXTT into their marketing, they are showing their commitment to reaching a wider audience and driving adoption of their project.

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