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If you have an interest in the cryptocurrency world, then the chances are you have heard of Blondychain. A creator of videos on crypto and investing, she seems to have suddenly arrived out of nowhere! Who is Blondychain, and what is her story? That’s what we want to look at right now, so let’s look at her back story.

Where Did Blondychain Come from?

Blondychain is a young Ukrainian woman with an interesting story to tell. Ukraine is, of course, currently a war zone after Russia invaded, and this plays a part in the Blondychain story. Proud of her Ukrainian roots, this attractive young lady began her working life as many do when at college by taking a part-time job as a waitress. At university she became a model and hostess at events and conventions – one above board and legal, as she is keen to stress – earning good money for a university student.

Moving on, and Blondychain took on a coffee franchise. In a move that would show her ambition and drive to improve her life and income, she began making videos for YouTube that explained the various aspects of making the perfect cup of coffee. The ongoing war put an end to the coffee business, and Blondychain now lives in Bali, where she has entered into many other business ventures that we will talk about later. So, why has Blondychain become such a big name in the crypto world? To understand this, we need to have a brief look at how she got into crypto.

Why is Blondychain a Name to Remember?

Blondychain has lived in Bali for a year at the time of writing, and shortly after relocating there she took a call from a friend asking how he could do the same. It transpired that this friend was into crypto trading, and the idea interested this young woman with an enquiring mind.

A perfectionist at heart, Blondychain sensibly read everything she could about crypto, learning the jargon, understanding how the markets work, and more. She had already invested much of her money from the coffee venture in various markets, living by the mantra that one should never put all your eggs in the same basket when investing.

Once she was up to speed with crypto, she invested in her first IDO, and soon saw profits rolling in. Her next step was to go back to her favourite medium of YouTube videos and produce a series of ‘how to’ guides for people interested in entering the crypto market. Others have done the same in the past, yet Blondychain has a knack of engaging people and explaining seemingly difficult processes in simple understandable terms.

With a desire to help others understand what can be a tricky and jargon-filled world, Blondychain has forged a reputation as a go-to name for advice and help in the cryptocurrency world in a surprisingly short time and continues to gather followers on a daily basis. What is Blondychain up to now, and what are her plans for the future?

Where is Blondychain Now?

Looking back across her past it is clear that Blondychain has always been a young woman with drive and enthusiasm. She is also one who learned the meaning of money and finance, and how to deal with it and invest sensibly, while running the coffee franchise.

Once in Bali Blondychain and her partner recognised that the cryptocurrency market is – perhaps deliberately – shrouded in mystery and often portrayed as a dangerous place to put your money. They opted to create many business streams aiming at opening up the market for others.

For example, the pair have already hosted three conferences with success in Bali and are creating a crypto forum for interested investors in Dubai and Turkey. They are also building a product which is designed to bring many different crypto platforms together in one place, making access and learning easier for new investors.

Projects that keep a close eye on the markets and advise users of scams to avoid – there are many in crypto, and even a talent such as Blondychain has been stung by them – and markets that are ripe for investment are also part of the Blondychain portfolio.

An interesting, engaging, and undoubtedly talented young woman, Blondychain continues to learn and teach others in a market that she has come to understand in detail, despite her beloved homeland being ravaged by war. We wish her all the success in the future, so check out her videos and start learning more about the world of cryptocurrency.

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