LatticeX Foundation's PlatON Established Strategic Partnership with ChainX and PolkaWorld for PlatON Ecosystem Blueprint

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PlatON, the infrastructure for global privacy-preserving computation and distributed economies from LatticeX Foundation, has reached an all-round strategic partnership with ChainX and PolkaWorld recently. As the earliest launched project built on Substrate, ChainX is committed to the research and adoption of Bitcoin layer 2 expansion, digital asset gateway and Polkadot second-layer relay chain, With the strong tech support and community base, its mainnet has been released and run smoothly for one and a half years.

PolkaWorld, the largest polkadot community in China, is featured with its well-developed community resources and huge industry influence.

The three parties will conduct an all-round cooperation covering blockchain application, node construction, community operation, and technical support. ChainX will also serve as a bridge, helping PlatON and Polkadot to achieve mutual integration in ecosystems.

Meanwhile, PlatON plans to build an incubator with ChainX, to incubate the PlatON-related projects with full support from funding, technology, and communities. To the widely concerned topic in the community, the PlatON application ecosystem map, ChainX and PolkaWorld also shared their professional advice. Firstly, clarifying PlatON 's future plans according to the ecosystem map; and second, seeking the ecosystem contributors(teams/developers) from the incubator. Those two means can form a virtuous circle and jointly build a prosperous and stable PlatON ecosystem.

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