Huobi Global Enhances Strategic Layout in Defi by Launching News Token Listing Pathway Huobi Inno Hub - YFII and YFI Are the First to Land

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The new listing path Huobi Inno Hub can be found at Huobi Global's main page. It was established to explore the next-generation blockchain potential applications and innovative projects that will reshape the global economy, and help Huobi Global in becoming the core platform leading the next-generation encryption revolution.

"Huobi Inno Hub is an essential part at Huobi Global's main page and the key strategic deployment of the Huobi's blockchain ecology. We opened the pathway with an open attitude; believing this move will provide opportunities to our users with high-potential blockchain projects in various fields," said Ciara Sun, VP of Huobi Global Markets.

Additionally, Ciara explained the standard of a project that can be seen as "high potential projects." According to Sun, high-potential projects mainly refer to early stage projects that focus on exploring certain fields with great development prospects.

She further added that "The early development of these projects is accompanied by extreme price fluctuations caused by extreme market conditions. In order to control risk exposure and protect users' rights, Inno Hub will implement a single token position limit system."

The single token position limit (maximum position holding) is of 10,000 USDT or cryptoassets equivalent in value. Users will be restricted from initiating an order once the limit has been reached.

YFII and YFI were the first ones to land in the global observation zone from 4:00 UTC on August 23, 2020. Coin withdrawal service; YFI coin trading (YFI/USDT, YFI/BTC, YFI/ETH) and YFI coin withdrawal service were opened at 7:30 UTC on August 23.


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