TESTD Announces Plans To Move Headquarters To Miami, Joining The Miami Start-Up Scene

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TESTD Inc., a blockchain-based company providing healthcare software and analytics, yesterday announced plans to move its headquarters to Miami. Launched in March 2020, the company developed a platform for managing data across devices and for a range of industries that keeps the data private, yet allows enterprise and regulatory management and analysis. Initially created to allow COVID testing management, the software can also record, monitor, and report vaccination status, as well as manage medical data for other infectious diseases.

With clients for its SaaS software product in the U.S. and international locations, the company has decided a Miami location will bring it closer to potential partners and clients worldwide that are looking at ways to revolutionize wellness management for the next century.

Noting the rapid growth of the start-up sector in Florida and Miami's focus on innovation and reinvention, TESTD CEO Nicholus Andrews said, "I look forward to seeing TESTD grow alongside the Miami tech ecosystem."

TESTD was developed to give consumers power over their medical data, while allowing managers and regulators the ability to safeguard the workforce, manage outbreaks, and make responsible business and public health decisions.

With its self-working scheduling component, TESTD's easy-to-use software frees corporate users from the burden of scheduling tests and checking-in test takers, automates the process of on-boarding test takers, and gathers pertinent medical histories. The platform integrates with clinical lab software and includes a medical provider portal. The dashboard provides a company manager with unparalleled insight into trouble spots in a department, at a location, or across an entire company population. 

Andrews explained that blockchain technology protects data from corruption, theft, misreporting, and mistakes, and makes it instantly available to public health officials responding to immediate needs. Plus, "With data encrypted and out of the control of central authorities, consumers don't need to fear who is looking at that data and how it is being used," he said.

TESTD is currently touring prospective sites for its growing operation.

"We are fielding more and more requests, even though there are encouraging signs about the COVID pandemic winding down. Clearly, no one wants to get caught like this again – no business, no government, no individual," Andrews said. "TESTD is here to help us through this one and make sure we're all ready for all the health needs in a community moving forward."

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