Transmute Coin Introduces Process for Recycling Carbon-based Materials with Zero CO2 Emission & Waste Pollution

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Coldfall introduces Transmute Coins to gain support for the process of recycling carbon-based materials with Zero CO2 Emission and waste pollution. The company will utilize microwave technologies to offer substantial advancement in the recycling of tires and carbon based waste materials to generate energy.

Coldfall Corporation applies best and safe practices that meets and exceeds all applicable Federal and State standards for microwave technologies. The company focuses on its technology to safe for the environment and its associates.

According to a latest report, in the US almost 225 million used tires are disposed directly into the environment, of which 38 million are dumped on the roadside while 50 million are disposed of in landfills.

An estimated 8.3 Billion Metric Tons of plastic items have been manufactured year-on-year for about six decades now in these over 91% of plastic is never recycled, leading to over 300 million metric tons being dumped in landfills and over 8 Million Tons of plastic in ocean.

To provide a viable solution to the growing problem in the market, Coldfall will employ a revolutionary microwave technology to increase the value of discarded petroleum-based organic materials to produce revenue generating by-products.

"Our aim is to provide recycling facilities around the world," said Sam L. Little, CEO of Coldfall. "Our mission is to improve the lifestyles of people around the world by responsibly recycling waste while achieving substantial benefits all."

COLDFALL Corporation is accepting Transmute Coins, cryptocurrency from its patrons as payment for transmutation of tires, plastics, coal, and carbon-based materials. Transmute Coins will account for a discount of 10% of the subscriber's green energy monthly bill. The company also will produce high quality CBD oil to establish its brand and provide the most effective treatment for its clients globally using transmute coin.

The company has been working with high spirits to provide the best benefit possible for the subscribers who lend their hand to provide environment-saving technologies with transmute coins.


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