How to select a trusted crypto savings platform

Inflation is running rampant across the globe as central banks continue to print money to fund projects to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the latest data, US inflation recently hit its highest level in 31 years. Europe isn’t doing any better. Euro zone inflation soared to its highest rate on record this month on surging energy costs, likely peaking before a slow decline that will keep it uncomfortably high for much of the next year, data from Eurostat showed on Tuesday.
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Datavault Contracts With Agri-Fintech Company Tingo To Deliver Data Revenue To Its 10 Million International Members

Data Vault Holdings, Inc., leading the way in tokenomics and metaverse data visualization, valuation, and monetization, today announces that 10 million users will be added to the DatavaultⓇ platform via its partnership with Tingo, Inc. (OTC: IWBB), a leading Agri-Fintech business in Africa that has delivered significant impact with its unique rural communities-based business model. Tingo is on a mission to become Africa's leading Agri-Fintech business, delivering significant social impact to many rural communities and providing a unique platform to enable financial inclusion, social upliftment, wealth creation and a sophisticated marketplace to promote its produce to markets. The groundbreaking deal will provide 10 million users throughout Nigeria economic autonomy via data monetization with the cryptocurrency exchange CoinField. This deal serves as a keystone partnership helping to build a data-backed cryptocurrency that will unleash the true economic power within Tingo's user base.
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