One River Digital Delivers 365-day Liquidity to Institutional Investors

One River Digital announced that its market leading institutional digital funds now offer 365-day liquidity to existing investors. This announcement marks the first time in digital asset fund management history that an investment vehicle has offered institutional clients 365-day liquidity. Investors in our Bitcoin strategy, and in our Ethereum strategy, can now access the true dynamism and liquidity of the digital asset market. Regardless of the holiday or weekend, One River Digital's institutional passive fund family is ready to support daily institutional access to this emerging asset class.
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Pioneering Blockchain Investor, Rumi Morales, Appointed Adviser for SkyGrid

SkyGrid, a Boeing, SparkCognition company that brings artificial intelligence, blockchain, and a over a century of aviation experience to the drone space, announced today that Rumi Morales, Partner and Board Member at Outlier Ventures and former head of CME Ventures, has been added to its Advisory Board. In her role at SkyGrid, Morales will help cultivate the ecosystem relationships and technology strategy that will define SkyGrid's next generation products.
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DIRHAM: A New AED Backed Fully Regulated Stablecoin With Smart Contract Support

The cryptocurrency market has turned into a perfect investment alternative for retail as well as institutional investors. It has grown to become a $2 trillion industry as mainstream adoption came knocking this bull season. The price volatility of these digital assets works in both ways as it helps people to make a good profit in a short period while on red days it can lead to significant losses as well. However, the most important aspect is the transfer of value where fluctuation in prices can make it complex to transfer it or lose some value during the exchange. This is where stablecoins come into play as it ensures a stable value against the market volatility, but the popular stablecoins such as USDT lack transparency and have often been marred into controversy. The value of USDT often falls below $1 and even rises above the pegged value during extreme market fluctuations.
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